Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Dark Knight Saga

You meet a random person and start talking. What happens next?

Stalking random people on FB the other day,
Did I meet this Inglorious Basterd that one day!

He seemed to be normal, a perfect Pulp Fiction,
Till he told me that he was Batman who had an addiction.

He is the God Father who dreams of the Punjab,
The land where he wants to till and then ultimately, Kill Bill!

He has a thing for Italy he tells me,
He also has a thing for jazz, I tell you.

Does he love Catwoman? I dunno!
But his love for Reservoir Dogs, I sure do know!

He tells me that he is a figment - A figment of my imagination.
And that he doesn't really exist - except in the distant conversations!

At times, his nonsense comforts the distressed me.
At the other times, his sense confuses the schizophrenic me

He lives his life by a logic and a reason.
He believes in karma and that karma, is an effing bitch!

His deity is the dainty Sulgobari amma,
Who called out to him to save this dying world on a Jumma.

He is the wiseman, at least he says so.
For me, he is the nutty friend I know!

That day I think I nearly killed him,
When innocently I beseeched him,

So, the Batman is the Dark Knight, eh?
He banged his head on the wall in total dismay!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers 
by BlogAdda.

This post is also a dedication to the Batman, a friend I met recently.


  1. batman is quite an interesting read..

  2. Good one Jincy :) A unique interpretation of the WoW theme :)

  3. I actually had a real-life version of such an experience... I regretted that I ever became party to the conversation... don't ask! Never again!


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