Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Okay! I guess there are enough 'DO' lists that you have to deal with in life already. DO maintain silence. DO stand in line. DO switch off your mobile. DO pay your bills. DO take a walk. DO read my blog! So I won't burden you with any more of the Do's! I am gonna tell you somethings that you should DON'T! No matter what! And come what may! Even if you have to pay with your life, DON'T ever, ever, EVER do what I'm telling you to DON'T do! Read On!

  • DON'T ever take anyone, I mean ANYONE in life for granted. You never know when they'll leave you for good. Forever. And trust me there will be nothing you can do about it. Value people. More.

  • DON'T cuss! I mean don't cuss so much and so often that people stop taking you seriously. You want that to happen. Do you? And hey! Please show some respect to women and chuck out MC, BC from your vocabulary! Please?

  • DON'T ever, ever tell your deepest and darkest secrets to your BFF! Remember, your Best Friend Forever today could turn to a Best Foe Forever tomorrow! Trust me, it doesn't take much for the biatch (okay! I am allowed to cuss, since I am the author and finisher of this post - No?) anyway talking about the biatch -  it doesn't take long for the biatch to show her true colors, eventually! So, please keep your stuff to yourself! Or better, you can tell me! And I promise I won't tell anyone. I promise.

  • DON'T ever share your password with anyone! No never ever! Sharing password is like sharing undies. Would you wanna do that? Ever? Now it is a totally different story that I had to share it thrice. Twice the undies, and once the password. And trust me, all three times I had to! I had no other option! Really! Learn from my mistakes and share neither!

  • DON'T react and post the first thing that comes to your mind on Facebook! You have no clue as to how fast news travels these days! And please don't think people don't check your profile and stuff. They've actually got their eyes on you! Yes you!

  • DON'T ever, ever, ever, ever EVER tattoo ANYONE'S name! EVER! Trust me! People are just not worth it! Be it your BF, GF, BFF, mom, dad, brother, sister, teacher, preacher, your name or just anyone! You never know when the love flies out of the window and when you may end up getting divorced or your parents remarry or you decide to change your name or that person dies or you die or whatever! Never tattoo anyone's name! Period! End of the story! Also, if you have to tattoo, do something nice. Tattooing God on one arm and satan on the other, doesn't make much sense, does it?

  • DON'T ever pee on the road. Applies to all the genders. You never know when the CIA decides to post your pics while you're doing the act on the world wide web!

  • DON'T scratch in public either! It's as bad as peeing! Someone may be videotaping you. Maybe me. Who knows? 

  • DON'T shoot or upload or post embarrassing videos of yourself! Ever! Even if you end up shooting one, don't ever upload or post it! While making the video you might feel all goody goody and proud of yourself and blah blah! Its not your fault though! Camera makes you do weird things and you don't even have to be drunk! But trust me, you'll repent later. Coz by the time you open your eyes and smell the coffee, the video is viral already! I did it once, and trust me the damage it did to my self esteem was horrendous.I am still reeling under the aftereffects. However, you are free to shoot or upload or post nasty and embarrassing videos of others. Just make sure you don't get into trouble!

  • DON'T belch or fart or burp in public. Never loudly! If you do, admit, apologize and smile. They may hate the odour, but your respect would have shot up the roof. Trust me! So what if you end up being the butt of jokes at the lunch break, you've earned respect, remember?

Okay! That's enough gyaan for a post I guess! I have some more of the DON'Ts for you. If you want me to take this saga further, mail me at or message me on my fan page on FB here. Lemme know if you like it or hate it or what you think of it!

Okay! Enough now! DON'T give me this look! Okay? Which look? This look! Here:


  1. All the points are valid, but agree more on the first five (especially the FB thing) Its simply out there in public.
    And no I did not give you that look :-)

    1. Hahaha Thanks for NOT giving me THAT look! :)

      And yeah - FB is dangerous world! Trespassers are thoroughly prosecuted! :P

  2. Maybe irrelevant, but this was my first thought:

    "When a heart is cold as ice
    You can't melt it with advice

    No one wants to listen to
    A list of things they shouldn't do

    So I build a city on a hill
    And I light a candle on the sill
    Knowing you'll be always knocking at the door
    Oh God I just want to love on everyone
    All I have is yours to give so let the people come"

    Listen to the song on YouTube:

    1. Lovely lyrics! :) I think the song will be good too. Will check it out. :)

  3. Hey!!An interesting post and highly readable!!!


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