Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Little Things That Make Me Smile

Man by default, is programmed to be sad and negative. Don't believe me? Okay! Take a clean sheet of pure white paper. Took? Make a small dot on it with a black pen. Done? Now, ask someone what do they see. Chances are nine out of ten will say that they see the black dot! No one will tell you that they see the beautiful flawless white paper! NO ONE!! Hence proved. Man is negative by default! Period.

I too am. I am not always a happy person. At times, I am really down the drains. Most of the times actually! Really! But what I like the most about myself is that I don't look for or wait for big things to happen in life to make me happy. I truly believe that it is the small things in life that matter much more than the big ones. Some of the little things that make me smile are:

  • When I watch the sun rise or the sun set in its majesty. I smile.
  • When I see the full moon looking down on me as I walk on earth. I smile.
  • When I pluck ripe red mulberries from my neighbor's tree and eat them. I smile. And when I see my fingers turn blood red with the color of the mulberry, I lick them and I smile even more.
  • When a friend who doesn't believe in God believes I am an angel. I smile.
  • When I make someone laugh at my expense. I smile.
  • When the funny videos I made, makes a someone's day. I smile.
  • When I see a baby doing whatever they do. I smile.
  • When I think of my babies. I smile.
  • When the dream I dreamt last night comes true, though in a weird way. I smile.
  • When a friend is having a real bad time (at least they tell me they do - but trust me, it is a teeny weeny thing) I send them thoroughly embarrassing videos of myself just to cheer them up. I smile.
  • And when they pull my leg over the stupid video. I curse myself. I smirk. But hey! Who cares! I made someone happy. So I smile again.
  • When someone calls me by cute nicknames. I smile.
  • When I while away my time building castles in the air. I smile.
  • When I look into the mirror and see her making funny faces at me. I smile.
  • When the water running down the tap is warm enough for a cold winter's morning. I smile.
  • When I see a butterfly fluttering from flower to flower outside my balcony. I smile.
  • When I see a parrot or a squirrel on the guava tree right outside my window. I smile.
  • When I see the only vacant seat, just for me in a crowded train or a bus. I smile.
  • When I get the whiff of freshly made popcorn wafting from the food counter on the railway platform on a cold winter's night at eleven. I smile.
  • When I have bhel puri all by myself on my way back home at eleven thirty in the night. I smile.
  • When I am late from work and my dad comes to pick me up at the railway station at twelve thirty in the night. I smile.
  • When I reach home and find my mother sitting beside the window in the middle of the night waiting for her daughter to come home. I smile.
  • And when she goes to the kitchen and makes perfectly cooked, round, salt and peppered omelette just for me. I smile.
  • When someone thinks of gifting me pepper spray because I work late in the night. I smile.
  • When I reach home safely at night. I smile.
  • When I am in the middle of the week, the thought that Friday is just some days away. I smile.
  • When I get an SMS telling me that my salary has been credited. I smile.
  • When the databases at work crashes and I have nothing to do. I just can't stop grinning!
  • When it is a Friday, I can't stop smiling!
  • When I play agony aunt to a friend. I make them smile with my positive words and then I smile too.
  • When a friend plays agony aunt to me and makes me see sense. I smile!
  • When a friend sees me having lunch alone at work, ditches work and comes running to give me company. I smile. Then the friend threatens me, mind you - not request, but threatens me 'Dare you have lunch alone! Call me okay? Else I won't talk to you ever!' I smile even more!
  • When someone who hasn't seen me in person, but thinks that I am an amazing person. I can't stop gushing!
  • When I accidentally hear my parents praising me. I smile. And then I walk up to them and ask them innocently, 'Did you just call me? I think I heard you guys take my name' They join my drama as they tell me, 'Oh no no! We didn't call you. You must be hearing voices!' and then we all laugh together as one happy family! I smile!
  • When my perfect brother tells me that he is proud of me. I cry. And then I smile.
  • And then when he gives his sister the tightest bear hug in the world and chokes me, I wanna kill him. I punch him in the tummy, he screams in pain and I smile.
  • When I ask my daddy to make tea for me, he scorns 'make it yourself or don't drink' I frown. But then minutes later, he comes to my room with a brimming cup of hot tea. I smile.
  • When I look back at the days when my mom was hospitalized for a CT scan, the technician messed things up and my mom was in danger. But she came out safe and alive. I get goosebumps. I smile and thank God that nothing worse happened.
  • And after that surgery, my mom couldn't use her hands for a while. So my dad used to plait her long hair. When I used to see him plaiting her hair, I smiled through my tears.
  • When a complete stranger recognizes and remembers me from the video I sang in. I feel like a celebrity! I smile.
  • When my friends like the small cute cards I made for them. I smile.
  • When someone calls out to me just to tell me a hi or a bye. I smile.
  • When I think that someone somewhere is made just for me. I smile.
  • When I see my parents and family smile because of me. I smile.
  • When someone says my blog post has touched their life. I cry. And then I smile.
  • When a friend tells me that they have my blog bookmarked so that they can check it everyday. I smile.
  • When a friend tells me that I am like a diamond with many faces, and each face reflecting a different light. How can I not smile? I smile!
  • When a friend sends me a two liner mail asking me how I've been. I smile.
  • When I help someone in the smallest way I can. They smile. I smile too.
  • When someone helps me in any way. I smile.
  • When I wake up each day. I smile.
  • When I wake up on a weekend. I smile wider.
  • When a friend mails or messages me just to tell me that my blog post was lovely. I smile.
  • I didn't have a barbie doll or a teddy bear while growing up. I didn't have fancy toys either. But when I think of the lovely childhood that I had, I smile.
  • When I lose count of my many blessings. I smile.
  • When I think of the meaning of my name. I smile.
  • My name means God is gracious. And God truly has been gracious to me! How can I not smile? I smile.
  • When I realize I am blessed. I smile.
  • When someone tells me that I have touched their life in a positive way. I smile.
  • When I know that everything will turn out fine one day. I smile.
  • When I know I have made someone's day. I smile.
  • When I burst those bubbles on a bubble wrap. I smile.
  • When my favorite song plays on the TV or the radio or my mobile. I smile.
  • When I hear my favorite RJ Keisha on Thursday mornings. I smile.
  • When I listen to Owl City's Fireflies or One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful or Katy Perry's Fireworks. I smile.
  • When I sing a song and I believe in my heart that I've sung it better than the original singer. I smile.
  • When I play some random song on my guitar. I smile.
  • When I play the audio clip of me snoring. I laugh my head off. And when I sober down, I smile.
  • When I see Shania Twain. I smile. When I see Gerard Butler. My smile gets wider and naughtier.
  • When someone smiles at me. I smile.
  • When I get a beautiful SMS from someone. I smile.
  • When I realize I am alive. I smile.
  • When I know my prayers will be answered soon. I smile.
  • When I realize how much God loves me. I smile.
  • When I am depressed, I count my blessings. And then I am happy. I smile.
  • When I am happy. I smile. And make others smile too.
  • When someone tells me I have a beautiful smile. I smile. Even more.
  • When I realize that some people love me. Just the way I am. I smile.
  • When I know I am the reason behind someone else's smile. I smile.
  • When I am worried thinking about my anxious tomorrows. The memories of my wonderful yesterdays come to my mind. I take a deep breath. And, I smile.
  • When I realize that life goes on. No matter what. I smile.
  • When I realized that I have moved on from a pain I never thought I would. I smile.
  • When I realize that I am still safe and sound and secure. I smile.
  • When I realize I am beautiful. In and out. I smile.
  • When I know that I am a little crazy and sufficiently weird. I smile. 
  • And when I can see that I am different and unique. I can't stop smiling.

So what is it that is making you smile? Whatever it is, keep smiling always. A smile is one curve that sets everything straight!

Keep Smiling! Always! It looks good on YOU!:)

Have a great day! God bless! :)

Remember - It is very easy to stay negative and sad and depressed, but it takes efforts to be happy and to smile. But it is worth it! Smile. Today, tomorrow and always!


  1. Long list,anybody could pick up lots of reasons to be happy--nice work Jincy!

    1. Thanks a lot Indu! The longer the list, the better. It would be a nice company on a not so good day! :)

  2. brilliant work Jincy!!!! loved it!!! :)

    1. Thanks a lot :)

      We all should write a list of things that make us smile, it will help us get over the not so good days :)

  3. What a delightful list, Jincy. It truly made me smile!

  4. All the points in this list made me smile :)

  5. Yup! So many things to smile about, and yet we find a reason to be sad :)

    1. True that! I am gonna keep adding to the list and then take a printout of it and pin it up in my cubicle - the place where depression strickes me the most! :)

  6. Nice article Jincy.!! Keep up the good work..!!

  7. Long list huh! :) We have so many reasons to smile, and no matter how hard our day is smiling will make it better :) So SMILE!

  8. So many reasons to smile Jincy! :) Keep smiling cz smile is infectious and who knows your smile could even make others smile. :)

    Glad to have found you here ;)


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