Wednesday, October 3, 2012

White Shadow

She stood by the way side to see,
The flock bathing by the sea.
Her mind drove past to the day,
Everything that changed her fate.

A tear trickled down her scarred face,
As she saw her visage on the seaface.
She thought about the life she lived,
Since that cold fateful day.

It was a pale winter's morn that one,
The day that she was born.
Her mother was sad they say,
'Coz another burden was thrust upon her way.

'You're cursed! You bore yet another girl',
Told they to her frail young mother again.
The mother was bitter, and painfully she muttered,
'It would have been good if you were dead!'

Small that she was,
She didn't understand a word.
But sensed deep inside,
That something wasn't really fine.

The scars of rejection were born in her,
Since the very day she came to earth.
It grew in her day by day,
She knew she wasn't meant to stay.

She tried and tried to love herself,
But she couldn't find it in herself.
One needs to be loved to love,
But all she got was scornful snares.

She bore the taunts and the curses alike,
Till one day she fell under their plight.
She promised herself this would end,
'One day, I'll be free', she said to herself.

That 'one day' came one stormy day,
She waited for the last nineteen years to say.
With a firm mind and quicker feet she walked ahead,
She knew the way too well in her head.

And she stood there again by the way side to see,
The flock bathing by the familiar sea.
Her mind drove past to the day,
Everything that had changed her fate.

A tear trickled down her scarred face,
As she saw her visage on the stormy seaface.
She thought about the horrid life she lived,
Since that cold fateful day.

'This is it', she mumbled in her head,
Throwing one last glance ahead.
She threw herself to the deep blue sea,
Hoping all her ails would now flee.

The waters roared, the waves splashed,
The birds hovered, the rocks splattered.
There went her life in the sea,
Leaving nothing but a White Shadow for the world to see.

Mother, let me live!
Don't take away my life!
Mother let me live!
I wanna live my life!
Mother you will see, when you look at me and you hold me in your arms; you will fall in love with ME!

(This poem is written in memory of the girl child who is killed or forced to die for no fault of her's.)


  1. Good one, Jincy...u r simply awesome :D

  2. You write it so well, Prety interesting to read !!

  3. Thanks a lot Shyju and Umesh!! Keep Reading!! :)
    Thanks again! :)

  4. This was truly awesome :)

  5. This really touched my heart...very well written..awesome work :)

    1. Anon! You should leave your name na? How else will I know you?? :'(

      But thanks a tonne dear! :)

  6. It's beautiful and sad and horrible at the same time.

  7. Had she had lil a more faith in her heart
    and had kept afloat a lil while longer
    she would have realised she was never alone
    For an angel would have come, had she been a lil stronger

    For its His life, and He is seeing it all
    from up above there where the stars shine
    for He always tests before he rewards
    turning a White Shadow to Bright Sunshine...


    1. Wow Yusuf! What you wrote is so beautiful and true! Loved it! :) Restores faith in God Almighty. Amen. :)

  8. So proud of you Jincy!
    You have written it so well. Now only I wish If I could write amazing poems like you. You should teach me this art of writing poems. You have written it with a cause. Too good. :) Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Ste! This is one of my favorite poems! :) It is very close to my heart! :)

      Thanks again! :)

  9. Very well written Jincy 😊 you should start writing again !


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