Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Do

He was the sixth guy. She had had enough. She didn't wanna do it anymore. She was tired. Tired of guys coming home every weekend. Tired of the routine questions. Tired of serving them tea. Tired of them checking her out as if she was some piece of furniture they dropped in to buy. She was tired of everything. She was looking for a way for all of it to end. If she could.

She was lost in her thoughts and that is when Leanne heard her mom across the hall. When she ever gonna find someone? I am tired of having her here. Why can't she settle for someone? What is she looking for anyway? He is educated, has a decent job, looks alright. What else does she want? At our time, we didn't even have the option to choose. We were packed off to the first guy our parents thought was good enough. Good enough! Leanne had heard that enough! She was tired of it. She was tired of the drama at home. What exactly is good enough? Why does she have to settle down for good enough when she could get the best? Was she good enough for someone? She had her doubts and anxieties and insecurities. A million of them. Add to it, the daily drama at home. She was tired of everything. She was looking for a way for all of it to end. If she could.

This weekend would be it. All the drama would end. She decided she had enough and wanted to put an end to everything for once and for all. Her folks would be happy, especially her mom, Leanne thought. But what about her happiness? Oh that can wait! She said to herself. She was lying. She knew it. But she had no other way. She had to do it. And now. For the greater good. For everyone else's joy and happiness. She decided to give up her own.

And finally she did what the others wanted her to do. They made her believe she did the right thing. At last! But in her heart, she knew what a mess she made. Yet, she smiled through the pain. She smiled for everyone else's sake. Though she didn't feel good inside.

She had finally settled for the seventh guy that her parents arranged for her. And today was the D day. As her father walked her down the aisle, Leanne tried to convince herself that it wasn't a mistake. It wasn't a mistake that she was getting married to a complete stranger. It wasn't a mistake to leave aside her dreams and desires and finally settle down. This was what her parents wanted, didn't they? Then how can it be a mistake? It definitely isn't! She knew she was lying.

And then the priest asked her, 'Do you, Leanne take Michael, to be your lawfully wedded husband?' She replied, 'Yes. I do.' Her heart was blackmailed to say a feeble Yes, but her mind was forever saying a stubborn No.

She was scared. And she hoped that it wasn't a mistake.

You can't just sit there and put everyone's life ahead of yours and think that counts as love. But Leanne just did.

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You have just one life. Don't settle down for something lesser just because it would make someone happy.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Words Are All I Have

Writing to me is a therapy,
Trust me, it works much better than allopathy.
I can create anything new I may,
By the words I choose to say.

On the days that I seem to be blue,
Words hold me together like glue.
Even on days I'm down with flu,
I rhyme like a sleuth working on a clue.

So many words to pin, so many stories to spin.
So many thoughts pouring in.
One by one I pick 'em,
One by one I speak life to 'em.

It really feels very great,
When a friend appreciates the stories I create.
I know I have touched lives,
With the words I've etched in their mind.

And I know it isn't a lie,
When amigos tell me they like my line.

On the days I feel melancholy,
Writing gives me constant company.

Writing to me is fun,
Because it makes me reach for the sun.
Even when things look very glum,
Writing makes life so very yum!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers 
by BlogAdda.

When Bee Gees sang the lines 'Words are all I have', they were talking about me!
Shhh! Don't tell anyone okay? Our little secret!

And hey all you Calvin lovers! Here's something for you!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Say What You Need To Say

We studied in the same college. She was in a different class though. I always had something for her, but I didn't know what it was. She was just too perfect. Too good. Straight out of a dream. Too perfect. Too perfect to be true. We had a few common friends, but nothing else in common. We were as alike as chalk and cheese. I was shy and reserved. She was outgoing and outspoken. I was nothing. She was everything. I definitely felt something.

It was the last day of college. I was sad because I knew I'd never get to see her again. I had no reason to see her again. And chances of bumping into each other was remote. We lived in extreme ends of the world. It was as if my world was ending that day. I knew I had something for her. But I didn't have the slightest clue about her feelings. And with so many guys vying for her attention, my chances were pretty remote. Actually, I had no chance at all.

I still remember that day. I was lazing around at home. That's when I got an SMS which read 'Hey! I am in college. Where are you? Can we meet?' I didn't waste a minute and replied back, 'I'm around. Gimme five minutes and I'll see you at the foyer.' I don't know why she SMSed me. She never SMSed much. Whatever it was, I was happy. It was probably the last time I would meet her. My heart sank. Literally!

I rushed to the college in my car. She was there waiting for me. She was a very simple girl. With a very weird sense of dressing though. I think I liked that in her. I dunno. Whatever it was, I found her intriguing. I was very curious about her. And she was ever elusive. It seemed no different today. I still wondered in my head why did she ask me to meet her? Does she like me too? Ahh! No! It can't be! I am nothing like her! She is too good to be true! Shane? Shane?? I had drifted far away in my wonderland. I didn't hear her calling me. What is it? I asked. So? So you didn't hear a word of what I said in the last ten minutes? She seemed really irritated. I cursed myself for having pissed her off! Ah Women! I thought in my head. Men! She muttered loudly. What? I asked. Ohh nothing! She scorned and got into the car. Can you drop me to the station?, she asked. Err, why not? Sure! Okay! So she called me to chauffeur her around! Damn I wanted to kill her! If she let me. If!

The station came and this ever elusive pretty lady was still in the car. So I turned to her to tell her, Madam, the station has arrived. In case you didn't notice! I said to her with a slight taunt in my voice. Err yeah! I know. Err...and she blanked out and stopped. Err what? What is it? I asked her, irritated! I wish to tell you something. She said nervously. What? Well...and she went blank! AGAIN! Women I tell you! I hate them! So much drama. I just wanted to...Do you have anything to tell me?  She cut short my thoughts. Err no! Except that the station is here! I was getting confused. Was she playing mind games? These women! Ugh! Okay she said and the she said three more words. No! Five actually. I think, I like you. What? What did I just hear? You like Me? Yeah, she said. Silence. It was silent for atleast five minutes. I could hear the pixies whispering in my ears. I got uncomfortable. Silence doesn't go down too well with the men! She was getting uncomfortable and fidgety too. I could sense it. Finally she broke the wall of silence and asked me, So? Is there anything you wanna tell me? I muttered, Well nothing! You like me and I like burger and fries! I didn't know what to tell. Damn! What? What did I just say? I like burger and fries? Where is my brain when I need it the most? Where are those cheesy pick up lines? Damn! And dhud! She left out of the car fuming. Quite literally! Damn! What did I just do? I just spoilt the whole thing! Why the hell didn't I come up with something better? A smile and say something like I like you too? Or any other crap would have done too! But burger? Fries?? Damn! Life was horrible. End of the world like most people would say! Literally!

However, it was just the beginning for me. I messaged Nicole - yeah that's her name - and apologized to her for being such an ass. I didn't just apologise, but I also confessed my love for her. She being a woman, threw a BIG drama. How could you say something like that? Blah Blah! You're so mean! Blah blah! Some more blah blah and blah blah! Women! She took time to forget that incident and to forgive me. But she did! She felt that I was really very insensitive and that I meant to taunt her. More than that, she was offended as to how could I think of food when she was professing her love for me. Well, I think she didn't know us guys well enough. We are either hungry or horny. And I was 'hungry' that fateful evening! Anyway, she decided to put back that episode and gave me a chance. And I am eternally grateful to her for that! She kept me on my toes 24/7. I loved it though! It was a lovely feeling. She was really irritating at times, most times! Trust me! But I kinda liked that in Nicole. We became best friends very soon.

Five years down the line, I proposed to her properly and she said yes. She had tears in her eyes, 'coz she never thought I would muster the courage to tell it to her. And then we got married. There's been no looking back since then! Oh it wasn't really easy breezy though! She gets on my nerves most of the times! She is sweet, but only when she is sleeping. Shane?? Shane?? Oh that familiar screech of hers! What is it Nic? I am in the bedroom with Nina and Jonathan! What is it? I screeched back to her! I could never outdo her though! She came running to the bedroom and smiled and said, Darling, dinner's ready. Let's eat. I'm hungry! I smiled back and replied, Is it? We'll be there in a minute. Nina wanted to hear her favorite story. Ohh Nina! How many times will you hear that thing? You've heard it a hundred times!, saying so she took our four year old daughter Nina from my lap and gave her a kiss. Mommy, but I love that story! Daddy tells it so cutely. Nicole smiled and looked at me. I knew what that look meant. It meant everything to me. She was my life. She was my everything. I love her. Our one year old Jonathan is too young to understand the story, but one day, I am sure that he will understand and he too will love hearing about how his dad met his mom, just like Nina does. Just like Nicole does. Though Nicole pretends like she doesn't care a damn. She does, I know! I know!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers 
by BlogAdda.

This post is also a dedication to love. When you find true love, don't ever give up!
And like John Mayer sang - Say What You Need To Say!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Little Things That Make Me Smile

Man by default, is programmed to be sad and negative. Don't believe me? Okay! Take a clean sheet of pure white paper. Took? Make a small dot on it with a black pen. Done? Now, ask someone what do they see. Chances are nine out of ten will say that they see the black dot! No one will tell you that they see the beautiful flawless white paper! NO ONE!! Hence proved. Man is negative by default! Period.

I too am. I am not always a happy person. At times, I am really down the drains. Most of the times actually! Really! But what I like the most about myself is that I don't look for or wait for big things to happen in life to make me happy. I truly believe that it is the small things in life that matter much more than the big ones. Some of the little things that make me smile are:

  • When I watch the sun rise or the sun set in its majesty. I smile.
  • When I see the full moon looking down on me as I walk on earth. I smile.
  • When I pluck ripe red mulberries from my neighbor's tree and eat them. I smile. And when I see my fingers turn blood red with the color of the mulberry, I lick them and I smile even more.
  • When a friend who doesn't believe in God believes I am an angel. I smile.
  • When I make someone laugh at my expense. I smile.
  • When the funny videos I made, makes a someone's day. I smile.
  • When I see a baby doing whatever they do. I smile.
  • When I think of my babies. I smile.
  • When the dream I dreamt last night comes true, though in a weird way. I smile.
  • When a friend is having a real bad time (at least they tell me they do - but trust me, it is a teeny weeny thing) I send them thoroughly embarrassing videos of myself just to cheer them up. I smile.
  • And when they pull my leg over the stupid video. I curse myself. I smirk. But hey! Who cares! I made someone happy. So I smile again.
  • When someone calls me by cute nicknames. I smile.
  • When I while away my time building castles in the air. I smile.
  • When I look into the mirror and see her making funny faces at me. I smile.
  • When the water running down the tap is warm enough for a cold winter's morning. I smile.
  • When I see a butterfly fluttering from flower to flower outside my balcony. I smile.
  • When I see a parrot or a squirrel on the guava tree right outside my window. I smile.
  • When I see the only vacant seat, just for me in a crowded train or a bus. I smile.
  • When I get the whiff of freshly made popcorn wafting from the food counter on the railway platform on a cold winter's night at eleven. I smile.
  • When I have bhel puri all by myself on my way back home at eleven thirty in the night. I smile.
  • When I am late from work and my dad comes to pick me up at the railway station at twelve thirty in the night. I smile.
  • When I reach home and find my mother sitting beside the window in the middle of the night waiting for her daughter to come home. I smile.
  • And when she goes to the kitchen and makes perfectly cooked, round, salt and peppered omelette just for me. I smile.
  • When someone thinks of gifting me pepper spray because I work late in the night. I smile.
  • When I reach home safely at night. I smile.
  • When I am in the middle of the week, the thought that Friday is just some days away. I smile.
  • When I get an SMS telling me that my salary has been credited. I smile.
  • When the databases at work crashes and I have nothing to do. I just can't stop grinning!
  • When it is a Friday, I can't stop smiling!
  • When I play agony aunt to a friend. I make them smile with my positive words and then I smile too.
  • When a friend plays agony aunt to me and makes me see sense. I smile!
  • When a friend sees me having lunch alone at work, ditches work and comes running to give me company. I smile. Then the friend threatens me, mind you - not request, but threatens me 'Dare you have lunch alone! Call me okay? Else I won't talk to you ever!' I smile even more!
  • When someone who hasn't seen me in person, but thinks that I am an amazing person. I can't stop gushing!
  • When I accidentally hear my parents praising me. I smile. And then I walk up to them and ask them innocently, 'Did you just call me? I think I heard you guys take my name' They join my drama as they tell me, 'Oh no no! We didn't call you. You must be hearing voices!' and then we all laugh together as one happy family! I smile!
  • When my perfect brother tells me that he is proud of me. I cry. And then I smile.
  • And then when he gives his sister the tightest bear hug in the world and chokes me, I wanna kill him. I punch him in the tummy, he screams in pain and I smile.
  • When I ask my daddy to make tea for me, he scorns 'make it yourself or don't drink' I frown. But then minutes later, he comes to my room with a brimming cup of hot tea. I smile.
  • When I look back at the days when my mom was hospitalized for a CT scan, the technician messed things up and my mom was in danger. But she came out safe and alive. I get goosebumps. I smile and thank God that nothing worse happened.
  • And after that surgery, my mom couldn't use her hands for a while. So my dad used to plait her long hair. When I used to see him plaiting her hair, I smiled through my tears.
  • When a complete stranger recognizes and remembers me from the video I sang in. I feel like a celebrity! I smile.
  • When my friends like the small cute cards I made for them. I smile.
  • When someone calls out to me just to tell me a hi or a bye. I smile.
  • When I think that someone somewhere is made just for me. I smile.
  • When I see my parents and family smile because of me. I smile.
  • When someone says my blog post has touched their life. I cry. And then I smile.
  • When a friend tells me that they have my blog bookmarked so that they can check it everyday. I smile.
  • When a friend tells me that I am like a diamond with many faces, and each face reflecting a different light. How can I not smile? I smile!
  • When a friend sends me a two liner mail asking me how I've been. I smile.
  • When I help someone in the smallest way I can. They smile. I smile too.
  • When someone helps me in any way. I smile.
  • When I wake up each day. I smile.
  • When I wake up on a weekend. I smile wider.
  • When a friend mails or messages me just to tell me that my blog post was lovely. I smile.
  • I didn't have a barbie doll or a teddy bear while growing up. I didn't have fancy toys either. But when I think of the lovely childhood that I had, I smile.
  • When I lose count of my many blessings. I smile.
  • When I think of the meaning of my name. I smile.
  • My name means God is gracious. And God truly has been gracious to me! How can I not smile? I smile.
  • When I realize I am blessed. I smile.
  • When someone tells me that I have touched their life in a positive way. I smile.
  • When I know that everything will turn out fine one day. I smile.
  • When I know I have made someone's day. I smile.
  • When I burst those bubbles on a bubble wrap. I smile.
  • When my favorite song plays on the TV or the radio or my mobile. I smile.
  • When I hear my favorite RJ Keisha on Thursday mornings. I smile.
  • When I listen to Owl City's Fireflies or One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful or Katy Perry's Fireworks. I smile.
  • When I sing a song and I believe in my heart that I've sung it better than the original singer. I smile.
  • When I play some random song on my guitar. I smile.
  • When I play the audio clip of me snoring. I laugh my head off. And when I sober down, I smile.
  • When I see Shania Twain. I smile. When I see Gerard Butler. My smile gets wider and naughtier.
  • When someone smiles at me. I smile.
  • When I get a beautiful SMS from someone. I smile.
  • When I realize I am alive. I smile.
  • When I know my prayers will be answered soon. I smile.
  • When I realize how much God loves me. I smile.
  • When I am depressed, I count my blessings. And then I am happy. I smile.
  • When I am happy. I smile. And make others smile too.
  • When someone tells me I have a beautiful smile. I smile. Even more.
  • When I realize that some people love me. Just the way I am. I smile.
  • When I know I am the reason behind someone else's smile. I smile.
  • When I am worried thinking about my anxious tomorrows. The memories of my wonderful yesterdays come to my mind. I take a deep breath. And, I smile.
  • When I realize that life goes on. No matter what. I smile.
  • When I realized that I have moved on from a pain I never thought I would. I smile.
  • When I realize that I am still safe and sound and secure. I smile.
  • When I realize I am beautiful. In and out. I smile.
  • When I know that I am a little crazy and sufficiently weird. I smile. 
  • And when I can see that I am different and unique. I can't stop smiling.

So what is it that is making you smile? Whatever it is, keep smiling always. A smile is one curve that sets everything straight!

Keep Smiling! Always! It looks good on YOU!:)

Have a great day! God bless! :)

Remember - It is very easy to stay negative and sad and depressed, but it takes efforts to be happy and to smile. But it is worth it! Smile. Today, tomorrow and always!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Okay! I guess there are enough 'DO' lists that you have to deal with in life already. DO maintain silence. DO stand in line. DO switch off your mobile. DO pay your bills. DO take a walk. DO read my blog! So I won't burden you with any more of the Do's! I am gonna tell you somethings that you should DON'T! No matter what! And come what may! Even if you have to pay with your life, DON'T ever, ever, EVER do what I'm telling you to DON'T do! Read On!

  • DON'T ever take anyone, I mean ANYONE in life for granted. You never know when they'll leave you for good. Forever. And trust me there will be nothing you can do about it. Value people. More.

  • DON'T cuss! I mean don't cuss so much and so often that people stop taking you seriously. You want that to happen. Do you? And hey! Please show some respect to women and chuck out MC, BC from your vocabulary! Please?

  • DON'T ever, ever tell your deepest and darkest secrets to your BFF! Remember, your Best Friend Forever today could turn to a Best Foe Forever tomorrow! Trust me, it doesn't take much for the biatch (okay! I am allowed to cuss, since I am the author and finisher of this post - No?) anyway talking about the biatch -  it doesn't take long for the biatch to show her true colors, eventually! So, please keep your stuff to yourself! Or better, you can tell me! And I promise I won't tell anyone. I promise.

  • DON'T ever share your password with anyone! No never ever! Sharing password is like sharing undies. Would you wanna do that? Ever? Now it is a totally different story that I had to share it thrice. Twice the undies, and once the password. And trust me, all three times I had to! I had no other option! Really! Learn from my mistakes and share neither!

  • DON'T react and post the first thing that comes to your mind on Facebook! You have no clue as to how fast news travels these days! And please don't think people don't check your profile and stuff. They've actually got their eyes on you! Yes you!

  • DON'T ever, ever, ever, ever EVER tattoo ANYONE'S name! EVER! Trust me! People are just not worth it! Be it your BF, GF, BFF, mom, dad, brother, sister, teacher, preacher, your name or just anyone! You never know when the love flies out of the window and when you may end up getting divorced or your parents remarry or you decide to change your name or that person dies or you die or whatever! Never tattoo anyone's name! Period! End of the story! Also, if you have to tattoo, do something nice. Tattooing God on one arm and satan on the other, doesn't make much sense, does it?

  • DON'T ever pee on the road. Applies to all the genders. You never know when the CIA decides to post your pics while you're doing the act on the world wide web!

  • DON'T scratch in public either! It's as bad as peeing! Someone may be videotaping you. Maybe me. Who knows? 

  • DON'T shoot or upload or post embarrassing videos of yourself! Ever! Even if you end up shooting one, don't ever upload or post it! While making the video you might feel all goody goody and proud of yourself and blah blah! Its not your fault though! Camera makes you do weird things and you don't even have to be drunk! But trust me, you'll repent later. Coz by the time you open your eyes and smell the coffee, the video is viral already! I did it once, and trust me the damage it did to my self esteem was horrendous.I am still reeling under the aftereffects. However, you are free to shoot or upload or post nasty and embarrassing videos of others. Just make sure you don't get into trouble!

  • DON'T belch or fart or burp in public. Never loudly! If you do, admit, apologize and smile. They may hate the odour, but your respect would have shot up the roof. Trust me! So what if you end up being the butt of jokes at the lunch break, you've earned respect, remember?

Okay! That's enough gyaan for a post I guess! I have some more of the DON'Ts for you. If you want me to take this saga further, mail me at or message me on my fan page on FB here. Lemme know if you like it or hate it or what you think of it!

Okay! Enough now! DON'T give me this look! Okay? Which look? This look! Here:

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