Friday, September 28, 2012

Daddy's Trousers

Daddy's trousers worn out and long,
Is a place where I long to belong.
They are black, brown, blue and grey,
They'd guide me when I'm lost in the fray.

As a child, I would tug to them,
Till he'd pick me up again.
I'd pull and scratch and squirm and scream,
Till the time he'd reach my arms again.

They'd be long, pleated or even an A line cut,
But to me that didn't matter that much.
For me they told me tales untold,
Of love and care and grace that unfolds.

They'd protect me from the hurt,
They'd protect me from the dirt.
They'd love me to bits,
And pick me up from pieces.

I'd kiss daddy morning with my spittle,
I guess he minded just a little.
He'd lift me up in his arms so wide,
And throw me up in the sky so nice.

As a toddler,
I tugged them for long.
As I bloomed,
I ignored them for oh so long!

No more am I the little kid,
No more do I tug after him.
I miss those days so much,
I miss that gentle little touch so, so much!

Now when I feel so lost,
I seek a place where I feel I belong.
That's when memories of the past come along,
And take me to the closet that holds;

Oh! My daddy's black trousers so long and old!

Dedicated to my dad. Daddy, I love you! You mean the world to me. :')


  1. Your daddy will be happy to read this :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Arun! You are welcome to follow my blog! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks a tonne Tushar! Keep Reading! Keep following! :) Thanks again!

  4. My Favorite! :) Lucky Daddy! :)

  5. Something unique, which i have never thought of... Daddy's Black Trouser so long and old...... :)

  6. superb jincy :) never ever imagined that dad's trousers can be a subject of any poem :

    1. Hey Kiran! :)

      Thanks a tonne! :) You should check out White Shadow in that case, trust me, you'll me stunned! :)
      Here it is:
      Keep Reading! :)

  7. Such a sweet post--what a loving memory you have of your father!!

    Cheers, Jenn.

  8. Never ever seen such a love between father n daugther....

    1. Really? Well, the bond I have with my dad is something really special :)


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