Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tears Of An Angel

The best thing in life is her smile; that feels so divine,
And lies to the world that she is fine.

She lost her folks when she was nine,
Since then her world wasn't really fine.

Yet she grew better like the wine, with the time.

She has all the reasons in the world to whine,
Yet she's thriving like the vine, laughing all the time.

Lying to the world she is fine.

I wonder why life's been so hard on her.
I wonder how she keeps her cheer.
I wonder if God sees her tear,
I wonder if He can feel her fear.

In her heart I see no guile,
All I see, is a teary smile.
That tells me she isn't really fine.

She looks forward to each new day,
In her heart she feels so gay,
And that feeling gets her through each day.

Sometimes she weeps inside, all day and night,
With nobody around in sight.

She feels so lost and so alone,
But sometimes she senses an angel forlorn,
Who wipes her tears and quietens her fears.

She prays and believes that things will be fine.
She teaches me lessons of life,
That mountains can be moved with steadfast faith.

Riches and glory she has none,
Yet she counts her blessings, one by one.
And tells me it is so much fun,
To run around soaking up the sun.

She clings onto her Savior so tight,
Believing that He will provide,
No matter the time or the tide.

She calms my fears and draws me near,
Whispering in my ear, 'Things may be stormy now,
But tomorrow will be bright and clear filled with lot of cheer.'
After all, every dark stormy rain is followed by the yellow sun's blazing glare.

The best thing in life is her smile; that feels so divine,
And lies to the world that she is perfectly fine.

(This poem is a dedication to those who have nothing much to brag 
about in life, but the lives they live is worth bragging about!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Joys of Gifting!

Wow! Not the perfect person to write about gifts and gifting, but yeah, lemme give it a shot!

I am extremely choosy when it come to gifting someone. And more than being choosy, I very rarely gift someone! Add I am pretty weird, and extremely innovative too when it comes to gifts! The last time I gifted someone, was my dad. Can you guess what it was? Well, I gifted my old-almost-balding daddy a comb! See? I told you! I am weird when it comes to gifting! Who else would gift a baldy a comb? Who else would gift a 'black head remover' to a friend on their birthday? Who else would think of gifting a first time mommy a pack of..err sanitary napkins and diapers? Only a weirdo like yours truly!

Well, not that I am weird, but when it comes to gifting I have a checklist in my mind. One, will it burn a hole in my already torn pockets? Two, is it useful? Three, is the person worth it? Strictly in that order! When all the criteria are fulfilled only then I think of buying the gift! Else, it is a big no-no! And keeping this checklist in mind, you won't really term the gifts I mentioned above 'weird' Anyway, I am not gonna debate on how weird or not so weird I am! Let's just get straight to the point - I suck when it comes to gifting! Ya, bitter truth! Period. I really need a guide when it comes to gifts and gifting.

To be brutally honest, I have developed an aversion to shopping and gifting. All thanks to a goof up that happened some years back leaving deep scars on my innocent little mind and faint little heart. It was my parents' silver jubilee and I wanted to gift my daddy dearest a pair of jeans. I went to the store, picked up a pair of branded Pepe jeans for him. Hid it in the closet till the D-day. And finally on the jubilee, I handed him the gift wrapped package and asked him to try it on. And guess what? It was a pair of low waist jeans! The shock on the face of my dad as he wore them was as if I had gifted him a bikini! He was heartbroken and so was I! All my plans of surprising him actually shocked the daylights out of him! Never did it occur to me even once that we live in an era of extremely shocking and weird pairs of jeans - flared jeans, glared jeans, torn jeans, worn jeans, monkey wash, donkey wash, bell bottom, no bottom, low waist, no waist, blah blah blah! Never did it occur to me that the assistant at the store could be a complete moron to hand me a pair of 'low waist' after specifically mentioning to him that the pair was for my daddy dearest who is on the other side of 50! Much to our relief, the store exchanged the low waist for a normal one. But the trauma that we went through was too much for the daddy-daughter duo. And after that episode, I haven't had the guts to gift clothes to anyone else! Once bitten, twice shy, no??

Well, not anymore! Then comes a silver lining - the light at the end of the tunnel - the saviour of goof ups and screw-ups - Online Gifting and Gift Vouchers! Where everything under the sun (legal and otherwise) is available to you at a click of a button or a scroll of a mouse! And there comes Badhai, a site I actually stumbled upon via Blogadda! What better way to gift someone from the convenience of your lappy at home, work, parlour, WC, discothèque etcetera etcetera and go on a shopping spree and indulge in the joy of giving across the globe, over the continents? I am definitely gonna try my hand and I'm quite sure that this time I won’t burn my fingers buying something like a low waist for daddy dearest!

What do you give to the person who has it all? Those hard to buy for friends? The hard to please lot? The ones whom you care for the most? Don't let these questions boggle your mind this festive season! No, don't let that happen to you! Indulge in the joy of giving! Go Badhai! Go Go Gooo!!

P.S. In case you're wondering that happened to that newbie mommy friend of mine. Don't you worry! Genius struck me and chucked the napkin-diaper plan and I gifted her new born baby girl cute little dresses and cute little matching booties instead!

P.S.S. I have my birthday coming up in a few days. The Ninth of the next month, to be very, very precise! And yes! You can
Badhai me! Black head remover/err napkins/low waist jeans all seem perfectly fine to me! :P

(This post is a part of the contest at The Largest Blogging Community of Indian Bloggers, Blogadda in association with

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tall Claims Maimed!

If I had the power to change something,
I would change my height, with all my might!

I went to a baba Bengali and even a Gujarati,
But they couldn't get me any taller at all!

I popped many pills and did funny drills,
But nothing worked an inch for me at all!

Hermoine's polyjuice potions gave me bad motions,
But they cured my ails none at all!

Dumbledore waved his wand, and made me stand on a stand, 
But that didn't last for too long!

Hagrid drove me nuts, and chased me around his hut,
But that didn't grow my stubborn bones one inch!

All I wish for is a five feet nine,
Then I swear I won't whine by the river Nile!

I tried and cried, all day and night,
But it was all for nothing at all!

Abra-ca-dabra worked for me hardly,
I am still stuck at four feet four sadly!

I guess Voldemort's cursed me with an irrevocable curse,
And so my fate is doomed and damned for years!

Alas! One last time! If I had the power to change something,
I would change my height with all my might!

This post was a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers 
by BlogAdda and it got selected among the topmost entries for WOW.
Here is the link: WOW winners for 'If I had the power to change'

(This poem is also a dedication to all the short people in the world, 
especially women, like ME!)

P.S. I am not 4'4! I am a little over that! :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Empty Clouds

Walking I was on an empty street,
That is when our eyes did meet.

He walked towards me with open arms,
I glanced at him with my eyes charmed.

He seemed like he was lost in miles,
I hoped it was my beautiful deep brown eyes.

As we walked closer towards each other,
My heart pounded a little harder.

He smiled with his eyes and lips,
I blushed away and smiled with a lisp.

With his eyes still locked in mine,
I wished he'd walk to me and say 'Be Mine!'.

Closer we got to each other,
I lost my senses and my lumber.

He took my breath away with a look,
I was hooked to him like a worm to a book.

Just when I thought we were about to embrace,
He walked past me with barely any grace.

That's when it hit me hard on the head,
Mr. Squint was actually looking at his missus in red.

And the moment I witnessed Mr. and Mrs. Squint hug, 
I sure felt my fantasy was some kinda bug!

And that is when it came crashing down,
That tall castle I had hastily built upon Empty Clouds.

Err, we girls build too many tall storey stories in the air, no? :) :P ;) =)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another Day Another Hope

Walking was she on a dark empty road, 
Fear written on her face in bold.
Got in she on an unfamiliar mode,
She was the only girl in the fold.

Curious eyes glanced at her,
Stripping her, of her self worth.
Why oh Why? Please tell me why?
Why do YOU, stare at her?

Letting go of the fear inside,
She took a deep breath and smiled.
Her face looked calm and divine,
She prayed she would be fine.

She saw a familiar face from her hood,
That really made her feel so good!
She smiled she wasn't the only one she said,
Who chose to walk the road ahead.

Tired she was after her day's work,
She had her kids waiting for her.
She knew it was getting too late,
Yet she knew she had to wait.

Her legs were getting too faint,
As she tugged along with the weight.
She rested her feet on the ground,
She sat down without a making a sound.

She saw her home far away,
She built her hope on the way.
She pulled herself from the ground,
She traced back her steps around.

She reached her home late that night,
She saw her kids were sleeping tight.
Heaved she did a sigh of relief,
It strengthened her flailing belief.

She thanked her God for keeping her safe,
'Coz down the road she was feeling so afraid.
She knelt down on her sore knees,
Tears welled up in her tired eyes.

She joined her hands,
And bowed her head;
'I hope tomorrow is a better day',
Keeping her fingers crossed she prayed. 

This post was a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers 
by BlogAdda and it got selected among the top two entries for WOW. 
Here is the link:WOW winners for 'Keeping My Fingers Crossed'

(This poem is also a dedication to all the women who work at odd timings.)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Waking Up, Now That September Has Ended!

Don't hold onto something if you know it's no longer there.

Wake me up when September ends is a song by the American rock band Green Day. In this song, the lead singer - Billie Joe Armstrong reveals his feelings about his father who died in September of 1982, when Billie was just 10. September also is symbolic of the most dreaded act of terrorism against America - the 9/11. The pain of death, anger, sorrow, losing and dying. The pain that September brought with it.

We all have Septembers in our lives. Past hurt. Pain. Someone who doesn't value your worth. Someone who has angered you and insulted you. A bad boss. A bitchy friend. An unruly colleague. Thoughts of evil. Revenge. Pride. Death. Sickness. A wrong and an abusive relationship. Addiction. A worthless job. Bad attitude. Horrible past. Broken relationships. Ego. A broken heart. Depression. Stress. Tension. 

It is up to us to live in the pain or embrace the new life and the new days in store for us. So many times in life we refuse to let go of these former things, and instead we choose to keeping living and fretting over the things of the past that don't really last. Don't let that be YOU!

Don't let Septembers be all that remain with us. Septembers are important, for the simple fact that it is the ups and downs in life that make us stronger, that make us bolder, that make us who we are and what we are, wherever we are. Septembers shape our lives and our personalities - for the better or for the worse. But remember, there are other hues and colors in lives too! If we keep living in our Septembers, we'll never learn to enjoy the flavors the other months bring in. Stay strong. Because things will get better, it might be stormy now, but it can't rain forever!

Treasure everything and everyone one around us, for we never know who will leave us when.

And I'm waking up, now that September has ended! 'Coz life goes on! You too wake up! SOON! Let go! And remember - You'll never find your prince until you are strong enough to leave the frog!

This post was a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative 
for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda and it got seleted among the top five 
entries for WOW. Here's the link:  
WOW winners for 'Waking Up, Now That September Has Ended!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

White Shadow

She stood by the way side to see,
The flock bathing by the sea.
Her mind drove past to the day,
Everything that changed her fate.

A tear trickled down her scarred face,
As she saw her visage on the seaface.
She thought about the life she lived,
Since that cold fateful day.

It was a pale winter's morn that one,
The day that she was born.
Her mother was sad they say,
'Coz another burden was thrust upon her way.

'You're cursed! You bore yet another girl',
Told they to her frail young mother again.
The mother was bitter, and painfully she muttered,
'It would have been good if you were dead!'

Small that she was,
She didn't understand a word.
But sensed deep inside,
That something wasn't really fine.

The scars of rejection were born in her,
Since the very day she came to earth.
It grew in her day by day,
She knew she wasn't meant to stay.

She tried and tried to love herself,
But she couldn't find it in herself.
One needs to be loved to love,
But all she got was scornful snares.

She bore the taunts and the curses alike,
Till one day she fell under their plight.
She promised herself this would end,
'One day, I'll be free', she said to herself.

That 'one day' came one stormy day,
She waited for the last nineteen years to say.
With a firm mind and quicker feet she walked ahead,
She knew the way too well in her head.

And she stood there again by the way side to see,
The flock bathing by the familiar sea.
Her mind drove past to the day,
Everything that had changed her fate.

A tear trickled down her scarred face,
As she saw her visage on the stormy seaface.
She thought about the horrid life she lived,
Since that cold fateful day.

'This is it', she mumbled in her head,
Throwing one last glance ahead.
She threw herself to the deep blue sea,
Hoping all her ails would now flee.

The waters roared, the waves splashed,
The birds hovered, the rocks splattered.
There went her life in the sea,
Leaving nothing but a White Shadow for the world to see.

Mother, let me live!
Don't take away my life!
Mother let me live!
I wanna live my life!
Mother you will see, when you look at me and you hold me in your arms; you will fall in love with ME!

(This poem is written in memory of the girl child who is killed or forced to die for no fault of her's.)

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