Sunday, December 30, 2012

Unsaid Dreams

I once dreamed.
About a beautiful life.
A life that was perfect.
Too perfect to be true.
A life with you.

I dint have much to brag about.
Riches, fame, name I had none.
But I had life.
I had hope.
I had faith.
I had love.

I needed nothing else.
No, not one.
It was faith that I had.
Faith in you.
Faith in me.
Faith in everything around me.

But that night.
That one dark and scary night.
They took it all away.
In an instant.
I cried, I yelled, I begged.
But they were too stone hearted, they were deaf!

They were heartless.
They were worthless.
They were nothing less of a beast.
They came prowling in the night like a thief.
They turned me into chaff in the wind.

They killed me that day.
They conquered my body that night.
They can't kill me anymore.
'Coz I am in a place that knows no gore.
My body they burnt, but my spirit soared.
Into the hands of God who knows it all.

They may think they'll get over this shame.
But trust me, they'll never live through this pain.
I am no more now.
All thanks to them.
But I once dreamed about many things and a few.
That one day I'd start my life anew.

This post was a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative 
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This post is also an attempt to try and understand what that girl went through.
Her thoughts, her fears, her anger, her hopes, her hopelessness, her anxieties, 
her emotions. Nobody will ever know what she went through. Nobody.

Okay Mr. Goldilocks! Get Rid Of It!! NOW!!!

I tried real hard not to post on this topic, because the last time I had something to say to the male species I ended up abusing them here. The hate mails and the death threats that followed thereafter were too much for me to handle. Once bitten, twice shy - no? No! Not really! I can't help but make some noise actually.

I've always wanted to understand men and their weird habits. You know. Like why do they leave wet towels on the bed. Why can't they cap the toothpaste tube. Why their socks don't stay in the shoes. Or at least near the shoes. Why do they exaggerate. Why do they obsess so much with the size, the color and the number. Why do they scratch. Especially in public. How come they remember so many things about sports like whose wearing which jersey, who kicked whom and where, who was head butted by whom and at what second of the day, who bedded whom but absolutely nothing about the conversation that took place ten minutes back. Don't get me started on birthdays and anniversaries! Why do they snore. Okay! I am taking snoring and other bodily noises off the list - it seems I do it too. I know! I didn't believe it either. Until my brother filmed a nasty audio clip of me snoring away to glory and posted it somewhere on the wild, wild web! Argh! Anyway. Getting back to men. I don't understand why do they throw such a tantrum every time someone has something constructive to say to them. Just listen to us at times, you know? We aren't obnoxious Cruella de Vils set out to ruin you and your already pathetic life! Some of us women are real good people. Some.

My mission impossible to understand men starts with the big question - what is it with men and the unkempt look? Really? What is it? 

You say it makes you look more handsome? It drives women crazy? Yeah right! It drives me crazy enough to come after you with an axe and get you to be a human minus the wild forest you're growing down under your chin, you frizzy grizzly bear!

A friend told me that he keeps it 'coz it makes him look older than he is and thus makes him wise. Really? First-of-all why in the blue world do you wanna look older than you are? We, the women folk try everything under the sun both legal and illegal to look younger. And you? What is it with you guys? I don't get it at all!

Another reason I hear quite often is the virility thingy men keep throwing at us women. More hair equals more male hormones equals more masculinity equals more kids equals more blah blah! I say enough! Enough of this crap you've been screeching on top of your baritone voices since ages! My clean shaven cubicle mate at work has fathered more kids than the bearded Osama Bin Laden could ever have imagined or even attempted. So, please! Cut the crap!

You know, there is a reason 'unkempt' is called unkempt. The dictionary defines unkempt as a person having an untidy or disheveled appearance. Now you really wanna do that to yourself? Really?

The other day, I was out with my brother. My brother belongs to the muuch nahi toh kuch nahi category and has done quite a commendable job on his mustache and beard! We ordered something to eat. And then - I was really irritated to see him feeding his beard generous amount of mayonnaise and sauce. And he was blissfully unaware until I pointed out to him that he needed some cleaning. You buy stuff and then feed it to your beard instead of your mouth and then make a complete spectacle out of yourself? That too in public? Think about it. Do you really want that to happen? Your soul mate could be out in the crowd and do you want her or him to behold you in a state of complete unawareness? No? Grab a pair of scissors and chuck that beard then!

Okay. Are you some sorta sadist who likes to torture people? Then why do you torture your partner by making him or her kiss a needle stubbled porcupine like you? Did you know most divorce cases these days are due to the unbearable pain caused by the thorny thing you call a stubble? Okay - I made that up! But why take a risk Mr. Stubble?

Anyway. Do you know? That keeping a beard only increases the risks of creepy crawlies growing on your stuff? Real women don't dig on that! Nor on the silk worms you've been growing on your goatee. Not even the catterpillar. Don't you even dare ask me about the butterfly! Now! Do you really want that? You want women to dig up a grave for you rather than they diggin on you? Think about it!

And you know what. We girls are brought up believing that guys with beards and stuff are actually uncles on the prowl preying on innocent children. Little girls and boys alike. You know. The pedophiles? Now do you want us to think of you like that? Uncle??

Honestly, we have nothing against beards - just that we prefer it on select individuals. Say Baba Ramdev for one. Rubeus Hagrid for two. Do you intend becoming the next Baba? Or Hagrid? If yes, keep the stubble on dude! Else, go find the nearest barber! NOW! We don't want our partners or dates to be mistaken for a Ramdev Baba! Or Hagrid! No! Never!

Okay. Enough said. Enough done. All I wanna say is that open your eyes. Smell the coffee! Learn from the lessons life throws at you. Legend has it that Bella chose the silky-smooth Edward over the hairy-bairy Jacob. Need I say more? Clean shaved guys win hands down! Period. It's now up to you to decide my friend!

Oh! C'mon! Don't make such a fuss! Sissy! We aren't asking you to wax and thread and bleach and screech! Just shave! Too much to ask for, eh mister?

And if all of the above hasn't convinced you to get rid of the stubble yet, then lemme remind you - we women are awesome drama queens with an additional PhD in mind games. We have many other tricks up our sleeve to make you get rid of the stubble. The silent treatment is one! Nagging is another. The annoying smirk. Taunts. Sarcasm. You scared? Already? Wait till we open our tool box! And there'll be no turning back then buddy!

This post is a part of the ‘Shave or Crave’ movement in association with, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers. The BlogAdda page is here.

This post is also me trying to understand the male species. They say we women never try to understand them, so.

P.S: There is NO way we're going out with a guy who looks like this, UNGLE!!!

P.P.S: No amount of buttering is gonna make me link you to that nasty video! And don't you dare ask my brother, okay? 

P.P.P.S: My clean shaven cubicle mate is on a long leave! Yeah! You guessed it right. He's on the family planning leave! Again!

P.P.P.P.S: Ouch! This post stung? Wait till you read this one! You'll bleed to death!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Crazy Little Thing Called _O_E : My entry for the Get Published contest

Talking about love in these dark times? Well, there has been a story brewing in the grey cell brewery for quite some time now. Time to bring it out.

This story is an ordinary one. With extra ordinary repercussions. Like most stories. There are two protagonists (okay - not two - four), some villains and the spoilsports, the background singers, moaners and weepers. The people who do everything AS and WHEN they are told. You know. Like the background audience in sitcoms? They LOL when asked to. They ROFL when asked to. Otherwise mostly they just stay mum. We have too many of such kinds around, don't we?

When Queen and Elvis sang 'Crazy little thing called love' I guess they were damn right! Love sure does make you do crazy things. It makes you believe that you can reach for the stars and the moon. It makes you believe that there is no one else. That you've found your soul mate after all! It turns you crazy and then you begin to stalk. Stalk their every move. It starts with Facebook mainly. Whom they liked, poked, added, subtracted, befriended, unfriended, restricted, blocked, messaged, subscribed, fanned, commented, demented and finally deleted! Slowly moves on to the physical stalking via GPS. And before you know it, you're diseased by the crazy little lovebug and there's no turning back!

Okay enough! Lemme cut the background noise and get you straight to the plot. Where do I begin. Hmmm, well like all other stories - there is a girl. A simple village belle with the proverbial thick, long, dark hair which would put Disney's Goldilocks to shame. Anyway, our girl is beautiful (like me). Lets call her Nandini. So Nandini - she is the perfect young lady. Beautiful. Humble. Energetic. Free. Spirited. Well, I guess that's what the fresh air of the village does to your soul. It did wonders to hers'. She was just perfectly breath taking. Ah! I could go on. But I won't - I don't want you to fall for her. It's her story, remember? Now, to the other protagonist. Let's call him Raj. He is the typical guy you'll find in Yash Chopra's flicks. You know. A la SRK. Just that, Raj loathes SRK and is a big time Sallu fan. Ah! A hopeless fan. Tall. Wheatish. Curly hair. Typical guy. He's a hardcore techie. A city breed, he eats drinks breathes talks technology. A far cry from Nandini's type. Then the inevitable happens. The twain meet. What follows thereafter is some madness and the other two protagonist. Well, I told you in the beginning - this is an awesome foursome! What happens next? Do they make it or break it? Do they join the 'till death do us apart' brigade or do they spew a deadly potion of tirades? Do they turn friends to lovers or friends to foes? Ah! Time alone will tell! No, not time really. I will tell. Just in time! Stay tuned!

If you like my idea and wish to read more, hop on to and click on the 'heart' Your votes matter and count to make my idea reach the top of the list and help me publish it in print!

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Que Sera Sera

Dearest Darling Nevaeh,

You've turned TEN today! Whoa! You still seem like a newborn to me! Yeah, yeah! I know you hate it when I tell you that! But you know what, when you reach my age lemme hear you saying that to your daughter! I'm gonna box your ears then! 

Okay, the violence apart, there are a few things I wanna tell you darling. Actually many. You know your mom, right? She just can't say a 'few' things. Can she? Thinking of which - you've got it too! You're as talkative as your mom is! Maybe more! You're like me in more ways than one. Much more than I've ever wanted. It makes me happy, it makes me sad too. You see, your mom isn't perfect. She is flawed. She doesn't want you to make the same mistakes she did. She wants you to be a much better person. And before you become one, here are some pointers dear.

Don't let anyone in this world hurt you or trick you into believing crap. I had enough of such people in my life. I don't want them in yours! I let them hurt me. Tell me crap. That I am good for nothing. That I would never amount to anything. That I am big mess. That I am hopeless wreck. That I am ugly. That I am a nobody. And you know what? Your foolish mom believed every single LIE they said! They killed me, you know? Don't let something like that happen to you. You won't have the good people around you always. In fact, you'll have more of the bad ones than the good. Don't let them mess you up. Remember, God loves you. Your dad and I love you too. We love you just the way you are. With all of your flaws. There is nothing in this world that would or could change the love we have for you. There is nothing you can do to lessen it either. No matter how you are and what you do - remember - We love YOU! ALWAYS!

Don't ever let anybody tell you that you can't do something. Not even us. All right? Don't be afraid to dream dreams. Chase after your dreams. It is dreams that keep us alive. Keep us sane. Keep us going. Your dad and I will help you as much as we can to help you realize your dream. But the first step has to be YOU!

You are precious. You are beautiful. You are the BEST. You are a star. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. You light up our lives. You are the apple of our eye. Period.

Be happy. Always. Don't wait for the big things to happen for you to celebrate. Celebrate every moment of your beautiful life. Find happiness in the smallest of things. The butterfly. The sunny sky. The pouring rain. The smelly fart that your little baby brother just let out. Be happy. Find something funny and beautiful even in the most plain, the most vain, the most strange and the most weirdest of things. And then you'll see what a wonder life is! And then you'll see you'll have more reasons to laugh than to cry. To celebrate than to mourn. To boast than to crib. Keep laughing. Keep smiling. Always!

Don't worry too much. Your mom worries a lot. I hope she hasn't passed it on to you. Don't ever worry about anything. Always remember - nothing is permanent - this too shall pass - the good and the bad. Don't worry about the good that is going away or about the bad that is yet to come. Take life each moment as it comes. Don't live ahead of the moment, nor behind. One day at a time, one mile at a time, one step at a time, one second at a time!

Don't ever give up on faith, hope and love. These are the three most important things that you can EVER have! Trust me! They can get you through the worst of the days and the darkest of the nights. Faith, hope and love has kept me alive. Kept me going. It will keep you too! Just trust and obey! Have faith! Have hope! Have love!

Believe in God. Believe in your parents. We want the best for you. And above all, believe in yourself. Don't believe in the voices that put you down. Believe in the voice that comes from within. It will lift you up. It will calm your fears. It will make you strong. And soon you will soar on wings like eagles. Just Believe!

Lastly, I would love to sing to you a few lines from a song. A song I learnt as a child. A song my teachers and my mother sang to me.

When I was just a little girl I asked my mother, what will I be?  
Will I be pretty, will I be rich? Here's what she said to me.
Que Sera, Sera. Whatever will be, will be! 
The future's not ours, to see. Que Sera, Sera. What will be, will be!

That's all for now darling! Loads more to tell you. Will tell you everything else, one day at a time! :)

Loads of love and kisses.

Your Best Friend Forever & your Mother,

This post was a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative 
for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda and it got selected among the top 
three entries for WOW. Here is the link: WOW winners

This post is also a dedication to my darling daughter. Hoping that she'll love it, one day!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Their Story

She was a stranger at first
And she thought he was a flirt
He was too timid to talk to her
And he didn't know what to say to her.

One day they spoke and laughed a little
That day was the best he had in a while
He yearned to see her smile
All the time, all the while.

She was such a beauty after all
He felt so blinded by her gaze
She put him in a haze 
But never did he complain.

They spoke some more
And a little over more
Friends they became one day
And that's when his heart gave away.

He felt a million things for her
He wondered if she felt the same
He hoped she did too
He wished she did too.

Mustering the courage he believed he never had
He told her the words he thought he'd never say
And his heart did skip a beat like they say
And his hand grew cold like the winter insane.

She smiled and then she said to him
The same words he said to her
She shook his fears and held him near
Together they took on a journey called the happily ever afters!

This poem is a dedication to all the love stories in the world. Especially the friends turned best friends turned soul mates turned life partners. Love is what makes the world go round. 'Coz there is love, there is hope.

Friday, December 14, 2012

This One's For You!

That Idiota! That monkey! I miss him! He just celebrated his birthday a few days back. He is one person I could die for and if need be, kill for too! He is one person I look up to! Well, I HAVE to! He's too tall for my eye level contact! And yeah! I'm short. So can't really help it anyway! 

We are as alike as chalk and cheese. Opposites in almost everything! He is a calm and a composed person, while I am a bundle of flustered nerves! He measures his words while I keep shooting and slicing and dicing and killing with my lips! No wonder they say empty vessels make more noise!

He is awesome at football and killing countless millions on CS. Counter Strike - yeah - that is the one I hate the most about him. He spends an awful lot of time in front of the computer killing Fanatic, Lunatic, Moonatic and any other tics lurking on the screen! And the awesome human that I am, always make sure I distract him as much as I can till he shuts down the stupid computer and wrestles with me!  

He doesn't have too many friends, but he has the best of the lot! I have too many friends - but the best of the lot - I fear I have none! I envy the way his friends confide in him. Oh I envy him for many other things! He knows his friends inside out. He knows me inside out too. And no matter how much I bribe him to trade his friends' dark secrets, he shares none! No! Not a single one!  

His looks could get him on Gladrags, his dribbling on ESPN Sports Center, his culinary on Masterchef India! He is exactly the kinda guy God puts you in your life to make you look small and pity yourself for the hopeless bummer you are!

Nevertheless, I love him to bits and he, me to pieces! I know there were times I wanted him dead and I bet he felt the same. I guess it's all part of growing up. We don't see eye to eye on most things. We are poles apart in every way. But I am proud of the way he turned out to be. He's everything I wish I'd be! He's everyone's favorite. He's mature, gentle, kind and humble and wise for his age. He's got better like the wine, with the time! And he's such a handsome young man! I am really grateful to God Almighty for a gift as precious as him. I love him loads. I miss him even more. :'(

And though I am not the best, he's the bestest brother I could ever have asked for! 

Happy Birthday my darling, my best friend, my sweetest and cutest and strongest and wisest little brother! May God bless you more and more with each passing day! :) 

Dedicated to my awesome brother! And the above pic fits us to the T! :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Speaking Tree

Man came, man saw, man conquered.
He took, he snatched, he plundered.
He soiled, he axed and uprooted.
All this he did, and he blundered!

My family nested there once,
The very place you've nested yours.
But you still have yours;
And I have none, no, not one.

What did I do to you?
What didn't I do for you?
Gave my everything to you.
And this is what you give me in return?

Where are your manners Adam?
Where is your conscience mortal?
Did it turn to stone, you bastard?
As you axed down my folks - The Mustards?

Did you see me cry?
Did you hear me sigh?
Did you see me bleed?
Did you hear me plead?

I guess no.
If you did, I'd know. 
You are too arrogant, you scoundrel!
You'll soon meet your end and ordeal.

And then you'll know all that you did was gore.
And then you'll see the blood on your hands for sure.
And then your guilt will eat you from within.
And then I'll laugh as I see you writhe and wriggle.

Empty handed I came I know, and empty handed I'll go from here.
But I wish there would be someone to cry.
As I bid my final goodbyes,
Lying motionless in the grave that's mine.

But as for you, you mortal! You wicked, wicked thing!
Remember one thing - as you sow, so shall you reap.
And one day all you'll do is sit and weep,
Over the grave that laid The Mustards.

This post was a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative 
for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda and it got selected as the BEST entry
for WOW. Here is the link: WOW winners

This poem is also a dedication by the baby mustard tree in memory of his 
beautiful parents - The Mustards, who were brutally killed by The Bastards (us).

And like Agent Smith says in The Matrix, 'Every mammal develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding and environment, humans do not. Humans move to an area and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way they survive is by spreading to another area. And there's another organism on this planet which follows similar patter. A Virus'

Well, God did not intend for us to be viruses, lets be more humane, lets be HUMANS and not some nuisance!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

With Words Unspoken

They had been married for five years now.
It was an arranged one I'm told.
But when they fell in love, they didn't know.
I guess it was a natural thing.
How long could two strangers live like strangers?
Love was surely an inevitable thing.

They were surely happy as hell.
But see how things slowly fell.
They behaved as if someone had cast a spell.
He blamed her for her silly games.
She called him nasty names.
Together they were on a road to hell.

Then one winter's eve she said to him.
'Very soon we'll need a bigger bed'
'Why so?' he asked shaking his head.
She took his hand and placed it on her womb.
That is when he got a clue.
Another life was blooming within her.

Tears of joy ran down his cheeks.
He gave her a gentle little kiss.
All the lava boiling inside, now melted into beautiful smiles.
They didn't speak for a while.
Coz it took time to sink inside.
They were soon gonna be three from two.

She moved closer and held his hand.
And looked in his eyes and spake.
With words unspoken a million tales.
Of their love, their joy, their grief, their pain.
They looked at the dimming twilight.
Their hearts sure felt so bright.

They stood in silence for a while.
That silence took away all the gloom.
That silence made their love bloom.
That silence spoke a million words.
That silence brought them back again.
Silence is a great healer, they knew in their hearts that day.

This post was a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative 
for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda and it got selected among the top three entries
for WOW. Here is the link: WOW winners

This poem is also a dedication to all the babies yet to be born, who without 
their knowledge light up this gloomy world.

In addition, this poem is also a reminder of this season of Advent, the season 
Jesus came to this world as a baby and lit up our lives. 

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