Sunday, January 6, 2013

Punctured Belly

A fat lady entered the bus,
And made a big fuss.
About how everyone was in a rush.

She had this huge belly,
As big as an LCD telly.
Which she tugged along like a jelly.

As the bus pulled up at a stop,
The lady huffed and puffed and jumped and raved.
And stomped her mighty feet onto the floor.

A tiny little girl entered soon,
With a pointed parapluie blue.
And stood near that lady close.

As the bus tramped through the narrow streets,
The fat lady lost her breeze.
And dashed against the little girl in her heels.

The little girl was mighty pissed off,
And told her, 'Hey lady! You better get off me!'
'Eh? Why? What you gonna do? You little monkey?', said she.

'You called me a monkey, did you?'
Saying this she poked the lady with her parapluie blue.
The fat lady fell flat on the floor with a snarl.

She got up to find her telly tummy gone.
That's when she realised,
The parapluie blue had punctured her belly through.

Embarrassed she got off the bus.
Lighter without her huge belly,
Which she tugged around like a jelly!

This poem is just a weird and a silly one. As weird and silly as the author herself! Nevertheless, I hope you like it. Also, a message to the dames grandes, please don't be messing with the dames petites! Who knows, they could just end up puncturing your belly! :P

P.S. This is supposed to be a funny poem. Take it that way! And yes - please don't bully anyone. Irrespective of if they are fat or thin, tall or short, fair or dark. Or whatever! Remember, cowards bully.

P.P.S. The best weight loss program, aint it?


  1. I wish the little girl would poke me.

    1. Hehehe :) I wish she would poke me too! :P

  2. I could lose some belly fat as well... wish it were that easy =)

    1. Ah! We all have fantasies, don't we? :)

  3. Hehehe..This was amazing!..A fine piece of art..I wish the girl poked me also :D
    It can also have a philosophical meaning that sometimes even a 'puny' can give a reality check to 'giants'.

    1. You seriously liked this? I thought it was the crappiest thing I ever wrote! Thanks! :)

      Oh yeah - that meaning fits in perfectly! Deep! :)


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