Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Every Experience Counts

Happy New Year Friends! :)

New year calls for new beginnings, right? I believe the same. And so I present before you the first ever guest post on my blog. The guest writer is one of my bestest friends. She is my support system. I've drawn a lot of love and strength from her. I love her to bits. She and I have a very special and a weird relationship. She's special and I am weird! :) 

So ladies and gentlemen! Fasten your seat belts and prepare yourself to unravel the mysteries of this lady - Nieve Chica aka Snow Girl! :)

A li’l more laughs
A li’l less sighs

Let’s bloom a little
Let’s fade into the back at times

Stand up a little more
Walk that extra mile

Share and care
Bear it all and dare to live

Dream and do
Be and believe

An open heart
A more open mind

Faith in Him
And He will do the rest

Experie­nce. Every single one counts.


The author, apart from being one of the precious souls in my innermost circle, is a budding writer. You can read her work here: She is super awesome and is very creative when it comes to writing and is an even better photographer. 

P.S: She has a thing for alliterations!


  1. Proofread your description of Nieve Chica above the postscript. May delete comment after correction.

    1. Thanks for pointing it out! Made the correction.:)

  2. 15 simple lines, and yet you can feel her heart in it.

    Convey my admiration to Nieve Chica.

    You could invite Nieve Chica to be an official contributor to your blog so we could see/read her work more often!

    1. I know. She writes from her heart. So :) I sure will convey my regards to her.

      And about she contributing to my blog - I'd be more than happy. I hope she agrees too :)


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