Sunday, December 6, 2009

10 Things I Hate About You

STATUTORY WARNING : To all the Guys : Please don't read this. This may be harmful for your inflated ego-balloons!! But if you are brave and could take a 'lil bit of criticism from a girl; go ahead and read on!! And as you read this; if you suffer from low self- esteem...mind you, I am NOT be blamed, you were warned well in advance, weren't you??

They say - Men are from I only wish they stayed there! Why the heck did they come down to earth and make all our lives to miserable? Look at what the likes of Hitler and Osama did to us! But forget about them...I am not too much into history and political stuff so won't be bothering you with the Facts and Figures. It's just the other not-so-famous but equally obnoxious guys (Ouch! Did that hurt?? You were warned buddy!) that I'll be talking about in here. Read on...if, you've made it so far..!!

The 10 Things that I hate about you.

1. I hate the way you think of yourselves as superior beings! You maybe taller, stronger, sharper than us; but that doesn't mean you're superior!! We are your equals, if not better!! (what say my dear sisters and girlfriends??)

2. I hate the way you pretend to be able to make it without us. You really need us around, be a man (!) and admit it!

3. I hate the way you feel that we are delicate darlings and that we need to be taken care of! We are better off without you! We don't need you to protect us. We can do it for ourselves, so don't bother!

4. I hate your stinking thought process - She's single, she's 23, she's working and she's good looking too! Then, why is she still single?? Buddy, we love our single-hood and don't wanna lose it to a loser like you! My folks don't care - why do you, huh?? So you can wag your tails elsewhere! Not here and atleast not with me!!

5. I hate the way you misunderstand our kindness, sweetness and gentleness (what to do - God made us that way!) But just because we are good, sweet and polite to you; doesn't mean we're truly-deeply-madly in love with you!! We're good to everyone, not just to you!! You are just an appendage we could do without!

6. I hate the way you think that you are a dude and that you've got everything a girl ever wants! Duh!! Get over this feeling and wake up to reality - you are a dud actually!!

7. I hate that hassi toh phassi thing that you keep throwing around!! We laugh 'coz we love to and that has nothing to do with your sense of humor (or rather the lack of it!).

8. I hate the way you call us sisters and then flirt with us!! I hate all flirts actually!!! But if you're flirting with your sis - you're sick buddy!!! Take it from me!

9. I hate when you lie; can't you be honest for heaven's sake!! Whom are you trying to impress with your ample dishonesty, huh??

10. And finally I hate it when you have this weird feeling that we're smiling thinking of you!! No, we're NOT!! We're smiling 'coz we're thinking of the X-Rated talks that we had with our girlfriends last night. What makes you think we're smiling thinking of a loser like you, duh!!!

I donot know how many guys made it till here. If you did, Congrats!! Now you may go and inflate your deflated ego-balloons!! I'm sure they've suffered a million punctures by now. And for all my girlfriends out there - you've all just had a deja-vu!! And now let's get back to living our lives around these losers!! What to do, we have no other way, do we?? Holler sisters!!!

Love ya!!! :)


  1. thanks Chits!!! but there's more coming up!!! mebbe "10 things i hate part 2" wat to do!! so many losers around!!!! urgh!!!

  2. Hum Yeh Atyaachaar Nahi Sahenge...Nahi Sahenge...Inquilab Zindabad...Samrajya Party Murdabad

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  5. hey Ellaiah, sorry had to delete ur comment!!! it was longer than my blog & i dont want people to read ur comment more than they read my blog!!!

  6. Hey girl...good one...I agree with most of it...But you know what...give the poor souls a chance...not everyone's like 'em (i know most of them are and we are stuck with them...sigh) but there are some minus these (like ya said) "open your eyes and smell the coffee"
    Keep Smiling
    God Bless
    Love ya

  7. Di - so much bottled up? I'm sure we've all been cheated and/or hurt in some or the other way at some time in our lives. As hard as it is to come out and speak your mind, that's the easy part... being the better person, that's what challenges me.

  8. Anonymous, hmmmm...u're right, we've all been hurt one time or d other...but dis post isn't my way of getting back or something...i've alwz disliked guys for certain things, its just that i got vocal now...& yes, it is always a big challenge to be a better person, to forgive, to turn d other cheek..i am still learning to be as better as i can...i hope i am doing good..

    (wud've been better to know who this "ANON" is..anyway...i've got a hint, but not so sure..!!!) :)

  9. the background is copied please be original

  10. "open your eyes and smell the coffee" -...seriously ....?
    .......drink the kaappee with ur nose...

  11. I came online to read this?? Seriously wers the real 10 things that you hate?
    This sounds like some assault to the guys u've met..
    I like the Men 4m Mars thingy, add more planets too..its a request!!
    And btw u can add me to the top of the list of the ones who laughed after reading this... and yeah lol

    1. Been 9 years now since we met. I miss you more than ever. :(

  12. Hey jincy...u write really well! and u speak the truth with great keep writing

  13. Thanks Chechi! :)

    speak the truth with great conviction...bole toh??

  14. ha ha enjoyed reading it :)
    Each and every line you stated above are true about MOST of the guys! Great writing style Jincy

    Am your new follower now! <3

  15. Hey there Lancy!

    Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! :)
    Yeah, MOST guys are like that sadly :(
    Thanks once again! I hope to find entertainment within these pages of my life :)

    P.S. Jincy? Lancy? We could be long lost twins! :P <3


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