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Men On My Mind : Book Review

Men On My Mind is a book by Radha Thomas as she takes on a journey to attain the unattainable. A quest for the unquenchable. A reach for the unreachable. A search for the unsearchable. The discovery of the PERFECT man! Like he exists! As if he exists! IFF he exists! Most women I know, know that there is no such thing as a Perfect man! Only imperfect morons! 

But unlike me, Radha did believe in the perfect man. One by one she scanned them on the pages of her life. First came Darren. Packed off by her family to a distant boarding school at Panchgani, Darren was like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Only that, Darren wasn't the only oasis Radha quenched her thirst from! When she realized the squeaky ratterty blabberty Darren wasn't quite the man for her, she left him barren for Johnny AND Sunil and a string of other guys. When Johnny and Sunil realise that Radha had been two timing them, they kill themselves! No! I was kidding. They ask her in unison, bol Radha bol tune yeh kya kiya? Kidding again! Anyway, while jumping from man to man, she also jumped from one best friend forever to another best friend forever.

When she had enough of Panchgani and Bombay, her family packs off to the capital city - Delhi. Here again she meets and makes new boyfriends and best friends forever. She also meets those creepy uncle types who have a thing for her. And how she avoids them. It is in Delhi that she takes up the mike on a big stage and discovers that singing is her passion - a passion apart from the guys in her life.

Bombay. Panchgani. Delhi. And she still hasn't found what she was looking for! None of these places seem to have satiated her. Forget the perfect men, they weren't even close to perfect! When someone seemed like he was the perfect one, it turns out that he seemed to be closet gay. A fact that he hadn't recognized or perhaps reconciled with. Yet. Radha was distraught. She had given up on man and mankind. Life was very hard for her. Indeed.

Her over protective but cool mom, cool - coz she smoked. Pretty cool for a mother, na? Okay! Her over protective and cool mom thought that her only daughter was throwing away her life to the dogs quite literally, here in India and so she decides to pack off the daughter to her sister in the USA with the strict warning - keep her away from guys! This sister - Radha's aunt, lived with them for a while when they were in Bombay. This excites Radha. The US meant new life, new freedom, new culture new best friend forever and of course new men! Also, this aunt of her's was a pretty cool one. The I'm sexy and I know it kinds.

In the US, she picks up the pieces of her life. And starts her life anew. New location, new people, new surroundings, new job. She starts working at her aunt's boutique. And then she switches her job, her men; moves to China, Fiji, New Zealand for a while, all for business purposes. Spends a night in the jail. All along the while, she keeps her hunt going on for the perfect man. From the land of Kamasutra that she is, can we expect her to give up so soon? No! Her sojourn leads her to a variety of men. Philosophers, lawyers, mathematicians, Mohammed Edward Ranganathan Goldberg (don't be carried away by the name - he is one guy), Greeks, geeks and nerds, Irish, Sociologists, tattooed guys, Tamil scholars, a friend from India, serial killers, singers with bands and a French guy. Which one of all of the above finally manage to thrill her? Which one of them is hers? Which one of them is the perfect man? Does she find out? Does she get lucky? Or is she heartbroken and scarred forever? You'll know. All in good time. When Radha decides to tell you. Her way. Her style. Wickedly funny and fruityly flirtatious is the book Men On My Mind by Radha Thomas!

Obviously, Men On My Mind isn't a moral science handbook, but it keeps you hooked as the author takes you on her roller coaster journey. Her life. A light read, a lovely company especially on journeys. I liked it and I think you'll like it too!

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  1. Nallathokkeya... pakshe, pusthakathile katha muzhuvanum nee paranjaal aarenkilum pusthakam vaangumo? Ithu radhamani kaanenda.

    1. Full katha illa kutty! Just snippets aa! :)

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