Sunday, February 10, 2013

Say What You Need To Say

We studied in the same college. She was in a different class though. I always had something for her, but I didn't know what it was. She was just too perfect. Too good. Straight out of a dream. Too perfect. Too perfect to be true. We had a few common friends, but nothing else in common. We were as alike as chalk and cheese. I was shy and reserved. She was outgoing and outspoken. I was nothing. She was everything. I definitely felt something.

It was the last day of college. I was sad because I knew I'd never get to see her again. I had no reason to see her again. And chances of bumping into each other was remote. We lived in extreme ends of the world. It was as if my world was ending that day. I knew I had something for her. But I didn't have the slightest clue about her feelings. And with so many guys vying for her attention, my chances were pretty remote. Actually, I had no chance at all.

I still remember that day. I was lazing around at home. That's when I got an SMS which read 'Hey! I am in college. Where are you? Can we meet?' I didn't waste a minute and replied back, 'I'm around. Gimme five minutes and I'll see you at the foyer.' I don't know why she SMSed me. She never SMSed much. Whatever it was, I was happy. It was probably the last time I would meet her. My heart sank. Literally!

I rushed to the college in my car. She was there waiting for me. She was a very simple girl. With a very weird sense of dressing though. I think I liked that in her. I dunno. Whatever it was, I found her intriguing. I was very curious about her. And she was ever elusive. It seemed no different today. I still wondered in my head why did she ask me to meet her? Does she like me too? Ahh! No! It can't be! I am nothing like her! She is too good to be true! Shane? Shane?? I had drifted far away in my wonderland. I didn't hear her calling me. What is it? I asked. So? So you didn't hear a word of what I said in the last ten minutes? She seemed really irritated. I cursed myself for having pissed her off! Ah Women! I thought in my head. Men! She muttered loudly. What? I asked. Ohh nothing! She scorned and got into the car. Can you drop me to the station?, she asked. Err, why not? Sure! Okay! So she called me to chauffeur her around! Damn I wanted to kill her! If she let me. If!

The station came and this ever elusive pretty lady was still in the car. So I turned to her to tell her, Madam, the station has arrived. In case you didn't notice! I said to her with a slight taunt in my voice. Err yeah! I know. Err...and she blanked out and stopped. Err what? What is it? I asked her, irritated! I wish to tell you something. She said nervously. What? Well...and she went blank! AGAIN! Women I tell you! I hate them! So much drama. I just wanted to...Do you have anything to tell me?  She cut short my thoughts. Err no! Except that the station is here! I was getting confused. Was she playing mind games? These women! Ugh! Okay she said and the she said three more words. No! Five actually. I think, I like you. What? What did I just hear? You like Me? Yeah, she said. Silence. It was silent for atleast five minutes. I could hear the pixies whispering in my ears. I got uncomfortable. Silence doesn't go down too well with the men! She was getting uncomfortable and fidgety too. I could sense it. Finally she broke the wall of silence and asked me, So? Is there anything you wanna tell me? I muttered, Well nothing! You like me and I like burger and fries! I didn't know what to tell. Damn! What? What did I just say? I like burger and fries? Where is my brain when I need it the most? Where are those cheesy pick up lines? Damn! And dhud! She left out of the car fuming. Quite literally! Damn! What did I just do? I just spoilt the whole thing! Why the hell didn't I come up with something better? A smile and say something like I like you too? Or any other crap would have done too! But burger? Fries?? Damn! Life was horrible. End of the world like most people would say! Literally!

However, it was just the beginning for me. I messaged Nicole - yeah that's her name - and apologized to her for being such an ass. I didn't just apologise, but I also confessed my love for her. She being a woman, threw a BIG drama. How could you say something like that? Blah Blah! You're so mean! Blah blah! Some more blah blah and blah blah! Women! She took time to forget that incident and to forgive me. But she did! She felt that I was really very insensitive and that I meant to taunt her. More than that, she was offended as to how could I think of food when she was professing her love for me. Well, I think she didn't know us guys well enough. We are either hungry or horny. And I was 'hungry' that fateful evening! Anyway, she decided to put back that episode and gave me a chance. And I am eternally grateful to her for that! She kept me on my toes 24/7. I loved it though! It was a lovely feeling. She was really irritating at times, most times! Trust me! But I kinda liked that in Nicole. We became best friends very soon.

Five years down the line, I proposed to her properly and she said yes. She had tears in her eyes, 'coz she never thought I would muster the courage to tell it to her. And then we got married. There's been no looking back since then! Oh it wasn't really easy breezy though! She gets on my nerves most of the times! She is sweet, but only when she is sleeping. Shane?? Shane?? Oh that familiar screech of hers! What is it Nic? I am in the bedroom with Nina and Jonathan! What is it? I screeched back to her! I could never outdo her though! She came running to the bedroom and smiled and said, Darling, dinner's ready. Let's eat. I'm hungry! I smiled back and replied, Is it? We'll be there in a minute. Nina wanted to hear her favorite story. Ohh Nina! How many times will you hear that thing? You've heard it a hundred times!, saying so she took our four year old daughter Nina from my lap and gave her a kiss. Mommy, but I love that story! Daddy tells it so cutely. Nicole smiled and looked at me. I knew what that look meant. It meant everything to me. She was my life. She was my everything. I love her. Our one year old Jonathan is too young to understand the story, but one day, I am sure that he will understand and he too will love hearing about how his dad met his mom, just like Nina does. Just like Nicole does. Though Nicole pretends like she doesn't care a damn. She does, I know! I know!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers 
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This post is also a dedication to love. When you find true love, don't ever give up!
And like John Mayer sang - Say What You Need To Say!


  1. Entertaining to say the least. Very cute "How I Met Your Mom". I like it.

  2. Getting into the mind of a man... good attempt... seems like an oddly familiar story :)

    1. Yes! Getting into the mind of a man! First time ever! Not a place I wanna be though! :P

      Familiar? Well, it is based on a true story. So ;)

  3. Really lovely and funny story!! :) All the best!

  4. Beautiful story!

    Susan Dusterhoft
    Today's Working Woman

  5. Wow...!!! Cute.. :) Ending is just perfect.. This was in the Valentine week... hmm... ;)


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