Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wherever Are All The Happily Everafters???

"You been searching the world to find true love, looking in all the wrong places;
When all of the time you've been blind to love, it's plain as the nose on you face is.
Right here, right now open your eyes to love"

Glancing at the newpapers all over the place, I see stories of couples who once vowed till death do us apart, now washing their dirty linen in public and screaming their lungs out over what an obnoxious other-halves they fell truly-madly-deeply fell in love with once upon a time, long long ago!! Once better-halves are now turning bitter-halves!! I wonder why?? It is sad to say this, but most people work harder on their two-minute popcorn than their twenty-year old marriages. Is there anything that sounds more depressing than that?

With technology and everything else making life so easy, I wonder why are things not getting easier on the family front. More divorces, more heartbreaks, more extra marital affairs, more tears, more regrets, more abortions, more one night stands, more of everything that is sad and gloomy. And lesser and lesser of all the happy, good and not-so-gloomy stuff.

We are so used to the convenience stuff, that no one walks that extra mile today, no one turns the other cheek anymore, no one forgives and forgets seventy-times-seven, ever! All we get to doing is planning how to get back, how to let down and how to make the other person pay. Why is it that the eyes in which we saw endless love once upon a time, don't see eye-to-eye any more?? Why? The answer of all these questions lies in love and in loving yourself and the people around you. It isn't impossible, if only we learned to love a 'lil more, laugh a 'lil louder, walk a 'lil slower, whisper a 'lil softer with your loved one - things would surely begin to look better and beautifuler. Let's all pledge to fall in love - with the same person - over and over again - for the rest of our lives - in sickness and in health - as long as we live - till death do us apart - sounds all good to me!!

Let's get back to the good old days where all once upon a time always ended with and they lived happily everafter!! Trust me, it is possible! Don't believe me?? Well, have a good look at your parents, buddy!!! I'm sure you'll agree!!

Let's say "I'll love you till the end" to that special someone in your life and mean it from your heart as well. And then - just live up to that promise; no matter what. And then, there will be more happily everafters!!

Stay Precious!! Love you!!! God Bless!!!!  :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Notes and Messages

I will be going to my home town in some time and I am in a state of mixed emotions!! On one hand I am happy and excited about being to Kerala and meeting my family there; but at the same time, I know I am gonna miss the family that I am gonna leave behind here - my family at my workplace. I know it's just a matter of days, but still I am gonna miss them dearly.

I am gonna miss my girlfriends - Chits, Rams and Manali. I am really gonna miss you three power-and-puffed-gurls (all three fat, no??) a lot!! Thanks to them, I don't feel the need for a guy in my life!! And who knows, I may end up marrying one of them!! Pssst....don't tell them, okay?? They'll freak out!! Ahem!! Hmmm, and so while I am in Kerala and munching on some banana chips and sipping chood-chood kaapee, I am gonna think about you three and I am gonna miss our endless bitching sessions, our non-stop laughter clubs, our never ending coffee conversations, our pitiful and sorrowful sobbing dramas, our race for who-goes-to-the-loo first and gets-out-the-earliest, our fingering with the lift buttons, our watery-mouthings of exotic food, our madness, our antics, our endless love for each other, I am gonna miss all of this...

And I am gonna miss Chitra's 360° eye-rolling philmy-shytle naaaaaatak baazi...

And I am gonna miss Ramya's pravachan about how everyone is right in their own sweet way...

And I am gonna miss the look on Manali's face whenever she hears TMIO...

And then I am gonna miss irritating Avdhut with my "Kya? Kya?? Kya??? Haaan? Haan?? Maine nahi suna" ragas...

And then I am gonna miss asking Cyrus "Are you angry on me??"

And then I am gonna miss asking Tejas "Does your dad work with Orbit??", just to get hold of the last piece of chewing gum he's got!!

And then I am gonna miss Joel (aka Pinky aka Koel aka Jaw Ill) testing my patience levels with his mad-mad antics. I am gonna miss calling him a DAWG...

And then I am gonna miss bossing around the place and telling everyone else "Don't you have any work??" "Can we please change the topic??"

And then I am gonna miss all the people that I argue and fight and irritate (that includes Mahesh, Hitin, Pushkar, Rohan, Jacob, Pratik)

And then I am gonna miss everyone else on the 2nd floor...

And then I am gonna miss that Christmas celebration on the 7th floor...

And then I am gonna miss Ashirwad's paneer biriyani...

And then I am gonna miss my dearly beloved Richard...!!! How could I ever, ever not miss him, huh?? 

Hmmm, till we meet again in the brand New Year, here's wishing all of you a Merry Christmas, a wonderful vacation and a delightful New Year!!!

Take care and God Bless. Stay Precious. :)

P.S. I will miss you.

And if you miss me too, just go through my blog over and over again, again and again and again and again and again...

Thanks for all your love. You're all really a family to me!

Love ya!! See you soon!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Whoa!! I'm going to Kerala!!!

It's been almost five years since I've been to my janma-bhoomi, my God's own country, my very own malayaleegalude Keralam!! And I am very upbeat and excited about it. 'Coz after all these years I will finally be getting to meet my cousins and my extended loving family that lives way down south after a long long time! I am excited 'coz I know that I will be pampered to the core with all the love and the attention and the affection that I am gonna get!! Who doesn't love to be pampered, huh?? I do!! I really, really do!! And most importantly, after all the slogging and the hard work that I do in office - this is really a much needed and a much deserved break; way far far away from the maddening crowd!!!

But all the same, I am a tad nervous too!! You may wonder why. It's 'coz this trip is gonna be different from the earlier ones - before I was just a little girl, still struggling with her grades and college; but now I will be going there as a woman who is a graduate (finally!!!), who is working and who by all means could be labeled (mind you - could be!!) the ideal bride by most Indian standards!! And that gets me a bit nervous!! 'Coz I am pretty much sure that all my relatives are gonna fuss over my big fat Indian wedding!! Not their fault though, 'coz I am the youngest on my dad's side and the eldest on my mom's!! So both the halves are eagerly waiting for my Holy Matrimony! But I am not much worried 'coz I know that my dearly beloved parents are unperturbed and unaffected by all of this drama that surrounds my virtual wedding!! I can relax 'coz I actually got a warrant from dad saying that, "Mole, get this straight - you are NOT getting married before 2012!!" Thanks dad, I love you!!

But - what are my thoughts and fantasies about my own wedding?? To tell you the truth, I always imagined and secretly wished for a knight in shining armour - tugging on this white horse - sweeping me off my feet kinda thing happening to me...hmmm I know, I know all girls do! But now at 23, I guess I should be acting my age (which is next to impossible!!) and come out of my fantasy world and keep my eyes wide open to the reality around me - THERE IS SIMPLY NO KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR TUGGING ON A WHITE HORSE...AT THE LEAST FOR ME!!! I mean - it din't work out for so long and now I guess I am too old for fake fantasy stuff!! I just wish I could convince this die hard romantic heart of mine!! Me sounding too cynical, no? Hmmm, I know; but people change, right?? I guess I have changed too!! And they say changes are good...I have no choice but believe them!!! Atleast for now...

Sunday, December 13, 2009


India TV Imagine knows all the tricks of the TV trade! I wonder at the producers' acumen at making up crap that has our Indian audiences glued to the idiot box 24x7!! Which is not a wonder actually, 'coz as nosy Indians, we are more interested in what's cooking in the neighbour's bedroom than our own!! Quite a feat though - considering we're still No. 1 in the baby boom! No wonder we know more about Rakhi Sawant and her baratis, than the global meltdown (both - economical and ecological)!

And now comes yet another drama sensation that's hypnotising the Indians over - Raaz Pichle Janam Ka! The entire set up starting from enchanted backwards-ticking-clock to the two-ear-pierced Ravi Kissen's dramatized voice drop everytime he quotes "Raaz Pichle Janam Ka", to the Dr.(!!! is she???) Trupti Jain's thundering-hoarse voice (her croaking-chords should fuse the daylights out of a person than put them to sleep!), to the poor victims' tear jerking narratal of their past deeds and misdeeds - everything, everything is so well dramatized on prime time television - with the whole of Hindustan watching (as Mr.Ravi-good-for-nothing-else-Kissen puts it!)

I wonder what lengths people would stoop for their two seconds of fame under the sun! It is ridiculous to see people wanting to have a peek into the so-called past life to solve the problems of the present!! I mean, just think about it for a second - going back into the past life (if there is any!) to solve riddles of the present, sounds like gibberish to me at the least!! I believe that we have got all that we'll ever need to deal with our lives' givings and misgivings without any need for regression therapy or for that matter - numerology or tarot or feng shui or graphology or any-other-crap!! If things worked the feng shui or the numerology way, then all our problems would go boom by a mere adjustment of either the furniture in the bedroom or the re-ordering of the alphabets in our name! Wow!! If things worked that way, life would be so much easier to handle, no? Duh!!

It is a shame to see the educated folks falling prey to such idiosyncrasies. It's time we started thinking for ourselves than let people or the idiot box feed crap into our systems. It is time we dealt with our fears and phobias and everything-else in a more mature manner than turn to a bunch of idiots who look at the suns and the moons for problems here on earth!! It is time we take responsibility for who we are, what we are, and what we are not. It is time we wake up to oursleves and the world around us. Don't ya think??

P.S. : I like one thing about Raaz Pichle Janam Ka though - it is the only show which allows the contestant to sleep at ease on a cozy bed - all on prime time TV!! What else could you ask for??!! I strongly recommend it to all the sleep deprived janta. You will sure return happier - one hour of sleep on TV sounds too good to resist, no?? What say, huh??

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Q & A

Today morn as I was breezing through VH1, I saw MJ's Dirty Diana, and what struck me (apart from MJ's persona) was that all the guitarists in the cover had LONG HAIR!!! I mean what's with a guitar and your locks, huh?? I've been taking guitar lessons from quite some time and I have seen the guys there with hair flowing like Goldilocks'!! Do they have long hair just to fit into the mould? Or do they have long hair 'coz they lurve long hair?? Well I dunno!! Thinking about all this, made me look back and wonder of all the silly questions that kept popping outta my head! Well, I personally feel it is good to ask questions, no matter how duh! they sound like. It's better to speak out, than to spend your life staying mum, what say??

And right from my kiddie days, I have always had like a zillion questions rushing through my head!! Thankfully they have never lead to any serious discoveries like the law of gravity of sorts yet! My questions are more like "what will happen if the trains' tyres develops a puncture??!!" Then, I was way too small to figure out that train had wheels and not tyres!! And then I used to wonder and rack my head about "how does a train turn, whenenver it needs to?!" I pacified my brain of sorts by telling it that "the world is round and big, buddy; so if the world is big enough to let a train run on it, it might let it turn around as well!!" Dumb as it sounds!!

Then another thing that gave me sleepless nights was - wherever did all the poop in the areoplane go??? I just couldn't seem to fathom this one!!! I kept getting frequent nightmares of a huge bird-winged aeroplane loosing all it's bowel-control!! I mean I was so damn buggered by this one, that a plane zooming past high in the sky sent shivers down my spine, thinking if I would be the chosen one on whom they decide to empty their poop-basket!! Ewwww!!!!
Now even after growing this old my bag of duh! questions doesn't seem to end at all!!! I always have got something to ask! My pals will bet on that! My list of questionnaire keeps growing longer and longer and longer and...

Another question that comes to my mind right now is,"Why are most Fashion Designers gay, huh?" Any answers? Everyone? Someone?? Anyone???

Sunday, December 6, 2009

10 Things I Hate About You

STATUTORY WARNING : To all the Guys : Please don't read this. This may be harmful for your inflated ego-balloons!! But if you are brave and could take a 'lil bit of criticism from a girl; go ahead and read on!! And as you read this; if you suffer from low self- esteem...mind you, I am NOT be blamed, you were warned well in advance, weren't you??

They say - Men are from I only wish they stayed there! Why the heck did they come down to earth and make all our lives to miserable? Look at what the likes of Hitler and Osama did to us! But forget about them...I am not too much into history and political stuff so won't be bothering you with the Facts and Figures. It's just the other not-so-famous but equally obnoxious guys (Ouch! Did that hurt?? You were warned buddy!) that I'll be talking about in here. Read on...if, you've made it so far..!!

The 10 Things that I hate about you.

1. I hate the way you think of yourselves as superior beings! You maybe taller, stronger, sharper than us; but that doesn't mean you're superior!! We are your equals, if not better!! (what say my dear sisters and girlfriends??)

2. I hate the way you pretend to be able to make it without us. You really need us around, be a man (!) and admit it!

3. I hate the way you feel that we are delicate darlings and that we need to be taken care of! We are better off without you! We don't need you to protect us. We can do it for ourselves, so don't bother!

4. I hate your stinking thought process - She's single, she's 23, she's working and she's good looking too! Then, why is she still single?? Buddy, we love our single-hood and don't wanna lose it to a loser like you! My folks don't care - why do you, huh?? So you can wag your tails elsewhere! Not here and atleast not with me!!

5. I hate the way you misunderstand our kindness, sweetness and gentleness (what to do - God made us that way!) But just because we are good, sweet and polite to you; doesn't mean we're truly-deeply-madly in love with you!! We're good to everyone, not just to you!! You are just an appendage we could do without!

6. I hate the way you think that you are a dude and that you've got everything a girl ever wants! Duh!! Get over this feeling and wake up to reality - you are a dud actually!!

7. I hate that hassi toh phassi thing that you keep throwing around!! We laugh 'coz we love to and that has nothing to do with your sense of humor (or rather the lack of it!).

8. I hate the way you call us sisters and then flirt with us!! I hate all flirts actually!!! But if you're flirting with your sis - you're sick buddy!!! Take it from me!

9. I hate when you lie; can't you be honest for heaven's sake!! Whom are you trying to impress with your ample dishonesty, huh??

10. And finally I hate it when you have this weird feeling that we're smiling thinking of you!! No, we're NOT!! We're smiling 'coz we're thinking of the X-Rated talks that we had with our girlfriends last night. What makes you think we're smiling thinking of a loser like you, duh!!!

I donot know how many guys made it till here. If you did, Congrats!! Now you may go and inflate your deflated ego-balloons!! I'm sure they've suffered a million punctures by now. And for all my girlfriends out there - you've all just had a deja-vu!! And now let's get back to living our lives around these losers!! What to do, we have no other way, do we?? Holler sisters!!!

Love ya!!! :)

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