Sunday, December 30, 2012

Unsaid Dreams

I once dreamed.
About a beautiful life.
A life that was perfect.
Too perfect to be true.
A life with you.

I dint have much to brag about.
Riches, fame, name I had none.
But I had life.
I had hope.
I had faith.
I had love.

I needed nothing else.
No, not one.
It was faith that I had.
Faith in you.
Faith in me.
Faith in everything around me.

But that night.
That one dark and scary night.
They took it all away.
In an instant.
I cried, I yelled, I begged.
But they were too stone hearted, they were deaf!

They were heartless.
They were worthless.
They were nothing less of a beast.
They came prowling in the night like a thief.
They turned me into chaff in the wind.

They killed me that day.
They conquered my body that night.
They can't kill me anymore.
'Coz I am in a place that knows no gore.
My body they burnt, but my spirit soared.
Into the hands of God who knows it all.

They may think they'll get over this shame.
But trust me, they'll never live through this pain.
I am no more now.
All thanks to them.
But I once dreamed about many things and a few.
That one day I'd start my life anew.

This post was a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative 
for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda and it got selected among the top  
three entries for WOW. Here is the link: WOW winners.

This post is also an attempt to try and understand what that girl went through.
Her thoughts, her fears, her anger, her hopes, her hopelessness, her anxieties, 
her emotions. Nobody will ever know what she went through. Nobody.


  1. It's tough to be a girl in this world =(

    Berating men, in general, is unfair to our male counterparts... the ones who cherish the same principles and values and beliefs that we do.

    Just the rare few highlighted cases are enough for us to lose faith in humanity... there are so many more unreported and covered up and smothered and quieted :'

    I just pray that the God of all creation will give generously from his bountiful store of wisdom to these weak-willed, desire-driven creatures who roam the world as criminals!

    1. I know Sharon. It is really tough being a girl in this world. I have had my share of bad experiences. I bet every girl has. But what happened to her was horrible. It can't even be called rape. It was much worse that than. And this isn't one case. Like you said, there are so many cases which go unreported and pushed under the carpet.

      I too pray and hope that humans begin to live like humans, again. I haven't lost faith yet. I believe there is hope. Things aren't that bad. There are a few good souls. Many actually. :)


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