Friday, December 14, 2012

This One's For You!

That Idiota! That monkey! I miss him! He just celebrated his birthday a few days back. He is one person I could die for and if need be, kill for too! He is one person I look up to! Well, I HAVE to! He's too tall for my eye level contact! And yeah! I'm short. So can't really help it anyway! 

We are as alike as chalk and cheese. Opposites in almost everything! He is a calm and a composed person, while I am a bundle of flustered nerves! He measures his words while I keep shooting and slicing and dicing and killing with my lips! No wonder they say empty vessels make more noise!

He is awesome at football and killing countless millions on CS. Counter Strike - yeah - that is the one I hate the most about him. He spends an awful lot of time in front of the computer killing Fanatic, Lunatic, Moonatic and any other tics lurking on the screen! And the awesome human that I am, always make sure I distract him as much as I can till he shuts down the stupid computer and wrestles with me!  

He doesn't have too many friends, but he has the best of the lot! I have too many friends - but the best of the lot - I fear I have none! I envy the way his friends confide in him. Oh I envy him for many other things! He knows his friends inside out. He knows me inside out too. And no matter how much I bribe him to trade his friends' dark secrets, he shares none! No! Not a single one!  

His looks could get him on Gladrags, his dribbling on ESPN Sports Center, his culinary on Masterchef India! He is exactly the kinda guy God puts you in your life to make you look small and pity yourself for the hopeless bummer you are!

Nevertheless, I love him to bits and he, me to pieces! I know there were times I wanted him dead and I bet he felt the same. I guess it's all part of growing up. We don't see eye to eye on most things. We are poles apart in every way. But I am proud of the way he turned out to be. He's everything I wish I'd be! He's everyone's favorite. He's mature, gentle, kind and humble and wise for his age. He's got better like the wine, with the time! And he's such a handsome young man! I am really grateful to God Almighty for a gift as precious as him. I love him loads. I miss him even more. :'(

And though I am not the best, he's the bestest brother I could ever have asked for! 

Happy Birthday my darling, my best friend, my sweetest and cutest and strongest and wisest little brother! May God bless you more and more with each passing day! :) 

Dedicated to my awesome brother! And the above pic fits us to the T! :)


  1. Wow! Some girl somewhere is drooling over the Mr. J you described.

    I've had a very similar love-hate relationship with my own Mr. P. He's turned out to be pretty awesome as well!

    1. :) Yeah! I know! But the girls better stay away from my bro!

      Yes Sharon! My Mr. J and your Mr. P turned out all awesome. Thinking of which, we did too - dint we? :)

    2. LOL... it's a matter of perspective, I'd say ;)

    3. OK - if you say so!

      Since you're the epitome of optimism, I have no choice but to ;)

    4. Hahahaha :D Yes - The epitome of optimism! Remember our JC days?? We were almost at CMC right? I bet CMC messed up the names and admitted someone else instead! :P


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