Sunday, December 2, 2012

With Words Unspoken

They had been married for five years now.
It was an arranged one I'm told.
But when they fell in love, they didn't know.
I guess it was a natural thing.
How long could two strangers live like strangers?
Love was surely an inevitable thing.

They were surely happy as hell.
But see how things slowly fell.
They behaved as if someone had cast a spell.
He blamed her for her silly games.
She called him nasty names.
Together they were on a road to hell.

Then one winter's eve she said to him.
'Very soon we'll need a bigger bed'
'Why so?' he asked shaking his head.
She took his hand and placed it on her womb.
That is when he got a clue.
Another life was blooming within her.

Tears of joy ran down his cheeks.
He gave her a gentle little kiss.
All the lava boiling inside, now melted into beautiful smiles.
They didn't speak for a while.
Coz it took time to sink inside.
They were soon gonna be three from two.

She moved closer and held his hand.
And looked in his eyes and spake.
With words unspoken a million tales.
Of their love, their joy, their grief, their pain.
They looked at the dimming twilight.
Their hearts sure felt so bright.

They stood in silence for a while.
That silence took away all the gloom.
That silence made their love bloom.
That silence spoke a million words.
That silence brought them back again.
Silence is a great healer, they knew in their hearts that day.

This post was a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative 
for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda and it got selected among the top three entries
for WOW. Here is the link: WOW winners

This poem is also a dedication to all the babies yet to be born, who without 
their knowledge light up this gloomy world.

In addition, this poem is also a reminder of this season of Advent, the season 
Jesus came to this world as a baby and lit up our lives. 


  1. Oh such a cute poem . . the post script too touched my heart . . Glad to have found your blog . . keep writing . . cheers :)

  2. Truly divine :). Your words are a blessing dear, I loved the way the poem turned out, you portrayed love so cutely with the advent of a newborn :) Take care friend :)Happy December !


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