Saturday, December 12, 2009

Q & A

Today morn as I was breezing through VH1, I saw MJ's Dirty Diana, and what struck me (apart from MJ's persona) was that all the guitarists in the cover had LONG HAIR!!! I mean what's with a guitar and your locks, huh?? I've been taking guitar lessons from quite some time and I have seen the guys there with hair flowing like Goldilocks'!! Do they have long hair just to fit into the mould? Or do they have long hair 'coz they lurve long hair?? Well I dunno!! Thinking about all this, made me look back and wonder of all the silly questions that kept popping outta my head! Well, I personally feel it is good to ask questions, no matter how duh! they sound like. It's better to speak out, than to spend your life staying mum, what say??

And right from my kiddie days, I have always had like a zillion questions rushing through my head!! Thankfully they have never lead to any serious discoveries like the law of gravity of sorts yet! My questions are more like "what will happen if the trains' tyres develops a puncture??!!" Then, I was way too small to figure out that train had wheels and not tyres!! And then I used to wonder and rack my head about "how does a train turn, whenenver it needs to?!" I pacified my brain of sorts by telling it that "the world is round and big, buddy; so if the world is big enough to let a train run on it, it might let it turn around as well!!" Dumb as it sounds!!

Then another thing that gave me sleepless nights was - wherever did all the poop in the areoplane go??? I just couldn't seem to fathom this one!!! I kept getting frequent nightmares of a huge bird-winged aeroplane loosing all it's bowel-control!! I mean I was so damn buggered by this one, that a plane zooming past high in the sky sent shivers down my spine, thinking if I would be the chosen one on whom they decide to empty their poop-basket!! Ewwww!!!!
Now even after growing this old my bag of duh! questions doesn't seem to end at all!!! I always have got something to ask! My pals will bet on that! My list of questionnaire keeps growing longer and longer and longer and...

Another question that comes to my mind right now is,"Why are most Fashion Designers gay, huh?" Any answers? Everyone? Someone?? Anyone???

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  1. try google for once.. its very good!! u will get more questions too :P


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