Sunday, December 13, 2009


India TV Imagine knows all the tricks of the TV trade! I wonder at the producers' acumen at making up crap that has our Indian audiences glued to the idiot box 24x7!! Which is not a wonder actually, 'coz as nosy Indians, we are more interested in what's cooking in the neighbour's bedroom than our own!! Quite a feat though - considering we're still No. 1 in the baby boom! No wonder we know more about Rakhi Sawant and her baratis, than the global meltdown (both - economical and ecological)!

And now comes yet another drama sensation that's hypnotising the Indians over - Raaz Pichle Janam Ka! The entire set up starting from enchanted backwards-ticking-clock to the two-ear-pierced Ravi Kissen's dramatized voice drop everytime he quotes "Raaz Pichle Janam Ka", to the Dr.(!!! is she???) Trupti Jain's thundering-hoarse voice (her croaking-chords should fuse the daylights out of a person than put them to sleep!), to the poor victims' tear jerking narratal of their past deeds and misdeeds - everything, everything is so well dramatized on prime time television - with the whole of Hindustan watching (as Mr.Ravi-good-for-nothing-else-Kissen puts it!)

I wonder what lengths people would stoop for their two seconds of fame under the sun! It is ridiculous to see people wanting to have a peek into the so-called past life to solve the problems of the present!! I mean, just think about it for a second - going back into the past life (if there is any!) to solve riddles of the present, sounds like gibberish to me at the least!! I believe that we have got all that we'll ever need to deal with our lives' givings and misgivings without any need for regression therapy or for that matter - numerology or tarot or feng shui or graphology or any-other-crap!! If things worked the feng shui or the numerology way, then all our problems would go boom by a mere adjustment of either the furniture in the bedroom or the re-ordering of the alphabets in our name! Wow!! If things worked that way, life would be so much easier to handle, no? Duh!!

It is a shame to see the educated folks falling prey to such idiosyncrasies. It's time we started thinking for ourselves than let people or the idiot box feed crap into our systems. It is time we dealt with our fears and phobias and everything-else in a more mature manner than turn to a bunch of idiots who look at the suns and the moons for problems here on earth!! It is time we take responsibility for who we are, what we are, and what we are not. It is time we wake up to oursleves and the world around us. Don't ya think??

P.S. : I like one thing about Raaz Pichle Janam Ka though - it is the only show which allows the contestant to sleep at ease on a cozy bed - all on prime time TV!! What else could you ask for??!! I strongly recommend it to all the sleep deprived janta. You will sure return happier - one hour of sleep on TV sounds too good to resist, no?? What say, huh??


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