Thursday, December 17, 2009

Whoa!! I'm going to Kerala!!!

It's been almost five years since I've been to my janma-bhoomi, my God's own country, my very own malayaleegalude Keralam!! And I am very upbeat and excited about it. 'Coz after all these years I will finally be getting to meet my cousins and my extended loving family that lives way down south after a long long time! I am excited 'coz I know that I will be pampered to the core with all the love and the attention and the affection that I am gonna get!! Who doesn't love to be pampered, huh?? I do!! I really, really do!! And most importantly, after all the slogging and the hard work that I do in office - this is really a much needed and a much deserved break; way far far away from the maddening crowd!!!

But all the same, I am a tad nervous too!! You may wonder why. It's 'coz this trip is gonna be different from the earlier ones - before I was just a little girl, still struggling with her grades and college; but now I will be going there as a woman who is a graduate (finally!!!), who is working and who by all means could be labeled (mind you - could be!!) the ideal bride by most Indian standards!! And that gets me a bit nervous!! 'Coz I am pretty much sure that all my relatives are gonna fuss over my big fat Indian wedding!! Not their fault though, 'coz I am the youngest on my dad's side and the eldest on my mom's!! So both the halves are eagerly waiting for my Holy Matrimony! But I am not much worried 'coz I know that my dearly beloved parents are unperturbed and unaffected by all of this drama that surrounds my virtual wedding!! I can relax 'coz I actually got a warrant from dad saying that, "Mole, get this straight - you are NOT getting married before 2012!!" Thanks dad, I love you!!

But - what are my thoughts and fantasies about my own wedding?? To tell you the truth, I always imagined and secretly wished for a knight in shining armour - tugging on this white horse - sweeping me off my feet kinda thing happening to me...hmmm I know, I know all girls do! But now at 23, I guess I should be acting my age (which is next to impossible!!) and come out of my fantasy world and keep my eyes wide open to the reality around me - THERE IS SIMPLY NO KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR TUGGING ON A WHITE HORSE...AT THE LEAST FOR ME!!! I mean - it din't work out for so long and now I guess I am too old for fake fantasy stuff!! I just wish I could convince this die hard romantic heart of mine!! Me sounding too cynical, no? Hmmm, I know; but people change, right?? I guess I have changed too!! And they say changes are good...I have no choice but believe them!!! Atleast for now...


  1. Happy journey.. enjoy d trip 2 ur janma bhoomi..

  2. please go fast................

  3. is this the same person who wrote the other topics too? i get to see a different personality in each topic thereby negating the positiveness u showed in the other threads.. ;)..

    Anyways have a wonderful time in God's own country...

  4. Hey u doing?? hope u too had a good time in Kerala!!
    & u seem to be reading a lot these days...give those eyes a 'lil rest.. ;)

  5. Heylo der... had an awesome time... enjoyed like anything. Came bak and i wanna go bak home
    now ;)
    Wat abt u? Saw any movies :P?


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