Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wherever Are All The Happily Everafters???

"You been searching the world to find true love, looking in all the wrong places;
When all of the time you've been blind to love, it's plain as the nose on you face is.
Right here, right now open your eyes to love"

Glancing at the newpapers all over the place, I see stories of couples who once vowed till death do us apart, now washing their dirty linen in public and screaming their lungs out over what an obnoxious other-halves they fell truly-madly-deeply fell in love with once upon a time, long long ago!! Once better-halves are now turning bitter-halves!! I wonder why?? It is sad to say this, but most people work harder on their two-minute popcorn than their twenty-year old marriages. Is there anything that sounds more depressing than that?

With technology and everything else making life so easy, I wonder why are things not getting easier on the family front. More divorces, more heartbreaks, more extra marital affairs, more tears, more regrets, more abortions, more one night stands, more of everything that is sad and gloomy. And lesser and lesser of all the happy, good and not-so-gloomy stuff.

We are so used to the convenience stuff, that no one walks that extra mile today, no one turns the other cheek anymore, no one forgives and forgets seventy-times-seven, ever! All we get to doing is planning how to get back, how to let down and how to make the other person pay. Why is it that the eyes in which we saw endless love once upon a time, don't see eye-to-eye any more?? Why? The answer of all these questions lies in love and in loving yourself and the people around you. It isn't impossible, if only we learned to love a 'lil more, laugh a 'lil louder, walk a 'lil slower, whisper a 'lil softer with your loved one - things would surely begin to look better and beautifuler. Let's all pledge to fall in love - with the same person - over and over again - for the rest of our lives - in sickness and in health - as long as we live - till death do us apart - sounds all good to me!!

Let's get back to the good old days where all once upon a time always ended with and they lived happily everafter!! Trust me, it is possible! Don't believe me?? Well, have a good look at your parents, buddy!!! I'm sure you'll agree!!

Let's say "I'll love you till the end" to that special someone in your life and mean it from your heart as well. And then - just live up to that promise; no matter what. And then, there will be more happily everafters!!

Stay Precious!! Love you!!! God Bless!!!!  :)

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  1. Very well written...and I will surely follow it


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