Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tears Of An Angel

The best thing in life is her smile; that feels so divine,
And lies to the world that she is fine.

She lost her folks when she was nine,
Since then her world wasn't really fine.

Yet she grew better like the wine, with the time.

She has all the reasons in the world to whine,
Yet she's thriving like the vine, laughing all the time.

Lying to the world she is fine.

I wonder why life's been so hard on her.
I wonder how she keeps her cheer.
I wonder if God sees her tear,
I wonder if He can feel her fear.

In her heart I see no guile,
All I see, is a teary smile.
That tells me she isn't really fine.

She looks forward to each new day,
In her heart she feels so gay,
And that feeling gets her through each day.

Sometimes she weeps inside, all day and night,
With nobody around in sight.

She feels so lost and so alone,
But sometimes she senses an angel forlorn,
Who wipes her tears and quietens her fears.

She prays and believes that things will be fine.
She teaches me lessons of life,
That mountains can be moved with steadfast faith.

Riches and glory she has none,
Yet she counts her blessings, one by one.
And tells me it is so much fun,
To run around soaking up the sun.

She clings onto her Savior so tight,
Believing that He will provide,
No matter the time or the tide.

She calms my fears and draws me near,
Whispering in my ear, 'Things may be stormy now,
But tomorrow will be bright and clear filled with lot of cheer.'
After all, every dark stormy rain is followed by the yellow sun's blazing glare.

The best thing in life is her smile; that feels so divine,
And lies to the world that she is perfectly fine.

(This poem is a dedication to those who have nothing much to brag 
about in life, but the lives they live is worth bragging about!)


  1. Awesome work Jincy!!!! "Yet she grew better like the wine" is a brilliant Simile!!! It's always exciting to read ur blogs.. keep bringing out more interesting stuff!!! kudos to your creativity n clarity of thought!! :) :)

    1. Hey Sangeeta!! :)
      Thank you so much dear! Means a lot to me!
      God bless you :)

      Keep reading! :)

  2. I believe this is going to selected as best entry again after your previous two posts.... simple yet meaningful :-)

    1. Hey Nibedita! :)
      Thanks so much! You're really sweet! Coming from a fellow blogger, your words really mean a lot to me! Thanks for the encouragement! :)
      All the best to you too! Keep Reading! :)
      God bless you! :)

  3. Beautiful indeed... The mountains can be moved with steadfast faith... Lovely..


    Himanshu Nagpal | Being Traveler

    1. Thanks a lot Himanshu! :)

      Faith indeed moves mountains! :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Maverick's Musings! You may have deleted your comment from here, but I got it my mailbox! Thanks for your kind words! :)

  5. Beautiful as usual :)


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