Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Joys of Gifting!

Wow! Not the perfect person to write about gifts and gifting, but yeah, lemme give it a shot!

I am extremely choosy when it come to gifting someone. And more than being choosy, I very rarely gift someone! Add I am pretty weird, and extremely innovative too when it comes to gifts! The last time I gifted someone, was my dad. Can you guess what it was? Well, I gifted my old-almost-balding daddy a comb! See? I told you! I am weird when it comes to gifting! Who else would gift a baldy a comb? Who else would gift a 'black head remover' to a friend on their birthday? Who else would think of gifting a first time mommy a pack of..err sanitary napkins and diapers? Only a weirdo like yours truly!

Well, not that I am weird, but when it comes to gifting I have a checklist in my mind. One, will it burn a hole in my already torn pockets? Two, is it useful? Three, is the person worth it? Strictly in that order! When all the criteria are fulfilled only then I think of buying the gift! Else, it is a big no-no! And keeping this checklist in mind, you won't really term the gifts I mentioned above 'weird' Anyway, I am not gonna debate on how weird or not so weird I am! Let's just get straight to the point - I suck when it comes to gifting! Ya, bitter truth! Period. I really need a guide when it comes to gifts and gifting.

To be brutally honest, I have developed an aversion to shopping and gifting. All thanks to a goof up that happened some years back leaving deep scars on my innocent little mind and faint little heart. It was my parents' silver jubilee and I wanted to gift my daddy dearest a pair of jeans. I went to the store, picked up a pair of branded Pepe jeans for him. Hid it in the closet till the D-day. And finally on the jubilee, I handed him the gift wrapped package and asked him to try it on. And guess what? It was a pair of low waist jeans! The shock on the face of my dad as he wore them was as if I had gifted him a bikini! He was heartbroken and so was I! All my plans of surprising him actually shocked the daylights out of him! Never did it occur to me even once that we live in an era of extremely shocking and weird pairs of jeans - flared jeans, glared jeans, torn jeans, worn jeans, monkey wash, donkey wash, bell bottom, no bottom, low waist, no waist, blah blah blah! Never did it occur to me that the assistant at the store could be a complete moron to hand me a pair of 'low waist' after specifically mentioning to him that the pair was for my daddy dearest who is on the other side of 50! Much to our relief, the store exchanged the low waist for a normal one. But the trauma that we went through was too much for the daddy-daughter duo. And after that episode, I haven't had the guts to gift clothes to anyone else! Once bitten, twice shy, no??

Well, not anymore! Then comes a silver lining - the light at the end of the tunnel - the saviour of goof ups and screw-ups - Online Gifting and Gift Vouchers! Where everything under the sun (legal and otherwise) is available to you at a click of a button or a scroll of a mouse! And there comes Badhai, a site I actually stumbled upon via Blogadda! What better way to gift someone from the convenience of your lappy at home, work, parlour, WC, discothèque etcetera etcetera and go on a shopping spree and indulge in the joy of giving across the globe, over the continents? I am definitely gonna try my hand and I'm quite sure that this time I won’t burn my fingers buying something like a low waist for daddy dearest!

What do you give to the person who has it all? Those hard to buy for friends? The hard to please lot? The ones whom you care for the most? Don't let these questions boggle your mind this festive season! No, don't let that happen to you! Indulge in the joy of giving! Go Badhai! Go Go Gooo!!

P.S. In case you're wondering that happened to that newbie mommy friend of mine. Don't you worry! Genius struck me and chucked the napkin-diaper plan and I gifted her new born baby girl cute little dresses and cute little matching booties instead!

P.S.S. I have my birthday coming up in a few days. The Ninth of the next month, to be very, very precise! And yes! You can
Badhai me! Black head remover/err napkins/low waist jeans all seem perfectly fine to me! :P

(This post is a part of the contest at The Largest Blogging Community of Indian Bloggers, Blogadda in association with Badhai.in)


  1. Replies
    1. Chitz, I think I gifted you a pair of earrings? Na?

  2. Nice writing.
    "Badhai me" sounds good to my hear.So now we have another alternative name for gifts ;)

    1. Thanks Uma! :)
      hehe ya sure sure! We girls always have alternatives when it comes to gifting! :P

  3. choosing a gift is perhaps the toughest job for majority of the people i have come across, infact my freinds tell me i am good at doing it .

    1. Good for you and your loved ones Gowardhan! :)


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