Friday, November 2, 2012

One Fine Day

One fine day,

Fairness creams would be a thing of the past.
Love and care would actually last.
There would be more love letters than divorce papers.
More birthday bells than death knells.
Cancer would be just a sun sign.
Someone would tell me 'Be Mine' till the end of time.

One fine day,

Everything would make perfect sense
Including those long lost days of nonsense.
Everyone would have their fill
And no man would ever take ill.
There would be pills
That don't come with lengthy bills.

One fine day,

Orphanages and old age homes would stay shut
'Coz everyone would have a home and a hut.
There would be no tear in the eyes
Nor fear in the skies.
People would believe in dreams,
And not just some empty screams.

One fine day,

Everything would be alright
Things would work just right.
Time and tide would change the night
Into a bright glowing daylight.
Heaven's last war would be won
And Hades and hell would be none.

One fine day,

Everything would make perfect sense
In this world of utter nonsense.
Everything would be perfectly fine
One fine, perfect day.

Things may not look good today. but everything will be perfectly good one fine day...


  1. I also think this is a WOW!

  2. I surely can't wait to see that One Fine Day!!

    Thanks for sharing, Jenn

    1. It is closer than we think! :)
      Welcome Jenn! The pleasure is all mine! :)

  3. That would be one fine day indeed, and I will continue to hope and look forward to it becoming reality.



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