Thursday, October 18, 2012

Empty Clouds

Walking I was on an empty street,
That is when our eyes did meet.

He walked towards me with open arms,
I glanced at him with my eyes charmed.

He seemed like he was lost in miles,
I hoped it was my beautiful deep brown eyes.

As we walked closer towards each other,
My heart pounded a little harder.

He smiled with his eyes and lips,
I blushed away and smiled with a lisp.

With his eyes still locked in mine,
I wished he'd walk to me and say 'Be Mine!'.

Closer we got to each other,
I lost my senses and my lumber.

He took my breath away with a look,
I was hooked to him like a worm to a book.

Just when I thought we were about to embrace,
He walked past me with barely any grace.

That's when it hit me hard on the head,
Mr. Squint was actually looking at his missus in red.

And the moment I witnessed Mr. and Mrs. Squint hug, 
I sure felt my fantasy was some kinda bug!

And that is when it came crashing down,
That tall castle I had hastily built upon Empty Clouds.

Err, we girls build too many tall storey stories in the air, no? :) :P ;) =)


  1. Yeah, we do but what we don't get in real life, we get in fantasy. A lovely read :) Kahin pe negahein, kahin pe nishana...

    1. :) Very true! When reality fails, dreams draw wonders! :)
      Thanks! Keep coming back for more! :)
      Kahin pe nigahein, kahin pe nishana; jeene do zaalim, banao na deewana! ;)

  2. Sweet!! Yeah, we gals sometimes end up building a tower on empty clouds ;) :D


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