Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why Do I Blog??

Hmmmm...thinking...wondering...doing all that I can do to figure out why did I start Blogging?? Is it to keep up with the times?? No - 'coz I guess people are doing this since ages!!! I am pretty late actually, it could be because I am a slow learner...

Hmmmm...then why do I blog?? Is it because people are too busy to hear and have a word with me?? No - Thank God!! I have people around me who always wanna hear what I wanna say! So much that they won't even tell me if they are bored!!

Hmmmm...then why do I blog?? Is it to advertise myself?? Oh no!! I could be the shyest (I hope that's a word) person around!!!

Then why do I blog?? Maybe 'coz I get a domain for myself in this virtual world...I get to be "me"...I get to have a monologue, instead of a dialogue...Mind you, monologues are good!! 'coz I get to think...I get to get deeper and deeper and probe into myself...I get to find me...Don't you think?? We keep saying that we are looking for our soul mate...but are we really?? I guess we are just looking for someone to help us understand ourselves better...but I guess we are too proud to admit that...So am I looking to understand and know myself better?? Maybe I am, maybe I am not...I really don't know...

Maybe that's why I help "me" know "me" better...

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  1. May be because you always wanted to write,didn't you?
    Whatever be the reason,you doing a nice job.Keep up,would like to read more. :)


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