Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Charlie's Angels!!! :)

No, this isn't about the Cameron Diaz - Drew Barrymore - Lucy Liu movie...this is about the real life time for fantasy figures and movie stuff in here!!! And for the matter of fact, I haven't even seen the movie yet!! So, please excuse me!!

Hmmm, I always felt that the older you get, the lesser friends (read good friends) you make; but I guess I am wrong. The Charlie's Angels that I am talking about, are - Chits, Rams and Me that make great pals at the workplace. We're always seen and heard together, as if joined at the hip!! And before you wanna know more - lemme tell you one thing - yes, there's no Charlie - just the Angels, 'coz we don't need any Charlie!!! Why have the guys (aka losers), when girls can have all the fun!!

Hmmmm, now forgetting the guys forever and getting to the Angels, let me take you to Chits - Hmmm, she's loud; she's clear; she's got this "foot in the mouth" syndrome most of the times; even when she's in her softest voice, it sounds like a thud!!! I hope she isn't reading this!!! But however or whatever she is, I zimply love this girl!! We are complete contrasts in every sense...she's fat, I'm thin; she's loud, I'm soft; she's smart, I'm stupid (yes, I am!); she's workaholic, I'm a lazy bum; she's bad (!), I'm good (not wrong to praise oneself, no?); and yet we're great pals!!! One thing in common though is that we both are stone deaf; and that we love each other dearly, no Chits??? Please say yes baby!!!

Now coming to Rams, hmmmm...before I met this Angel, I was under the "Am I the sweetest girl on earth or what!!??!!" thing going on, but one meeting with this girl and I am like "Wow!! There are people sweeter that me!!! So not fair!!" That's Rams for you!!! She is so god-damn sweet that ugghh!!! what do I tell you!!! Getting to meet her and be with her, is like getting in touch with the kid in me once again...waving at aeroplanes zooming past in the sky, wishing and hoping that I would see it once again...getting wet in the rain...cracking silly and dumb jokes and just laughing my ass out...and then wanting to pee 'coz I've laughed so much!!! Thanks Rams, love you sweetie!!!

Hmmm...coming to me...well I leave that to you, you go figure out me...what's the hurry boss!!!

Being and meeting these girls has been one of the good things that's happened to me lately. We laugh-eat-walk-sob-fight-bitch-run-wave-sing-do everything else- together!!! It is as if I have got to be a child once again...splashing around in the rain; me walking barefoot all the way till the railway station one rain soaked November evening; missing trains on purpose so that we could laugh a little more, a little longer; and then cussing 'coz the next train is only after 20 minutes!! but smiling inside 'coz I get to be with my girlfriends a little bit longer...I'm pretty sure that these are the days that I'm gonna treasure for a real long, long time...that's what it feels like to be one of the Charlie's Angels...what say Chits and Rams?? and I know that there's lot more surprises in store for me!!! Bring it on baby!!!

Love you!! :)


  1. yep i love evry momnt of us being together........really ......u remebr dat man peeing and d comnt i yelled dat nite????????????????lol

  2. hmmmm Chits...i do remember that so well!!! love u guys!!! :)

  3. ur blogs are like my diary .nice to read the blog again and now i have realised how much i miss ramu ,u ,manali..i am dying to see u re :(meri aankhein taras gai hai jinchi tujhe dekhne ko :(


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