Sunday, November 15, 2009


When I Clicked on "New Post" this time, I had no clue about what should pen down...I was like "Yaar! kya likhu??!!" I mean I have got so many things running around in my head, that threading them into words is like "Urgh!!"
Hmmm...well like always, I am totally clueless and confused about what to share, which shouldn't be surprising 'coz "confused" has always been apt for my middle name, or for that matter my first name too!! Hmmm...why am I so confused? Well, I really dunno!!
I guess it's good to be confused, na?? I mean what's the fun if you always knew "What next??!!" Life would be no doubt easier, but we'd miss out on so much fun!! I mean it's good to scrape your knees and slip in a while before that long race! So what if I don't have any knee cap left?? I am still standing tall!!
Why do we still want to put on our training wheels?? Why are we afraid to take our time to goof up, to fall, to learn, to grow, to wander, to love? Why?? I really wanna know...maybe it's because we're expected to be "purrfect" always...maybe we're so obsessed with who and what we are that we forget that it is okay to look like a fool sometimes, isn't it?? I mean if you can put up a smile on someone's face, even if it makes you feel like a's good na?? We are so busy maintaining our images that we don't wanna create something new and bold for ourselves...we always wonder "What will they think??" Why do we let so many they's rule our life?? Why can't we rule our own, huh?? Why??
Hmmmm...these are the questions that keep shuffling around in people's heads...sadly they have the answers too...somehow we don't wanna know the answer...I guess I know the answers may just be that I love being blind folded and living this is so much more fun-er and surprising, no?? Hmmm....what say??

We have one life to live, So much to give,
And so much to share.
There is love to be found, just look around,
There's happiness there...!!!

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