Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Do

He was the sixth guy. She had had enough. She didn't wanna do it anymore. She was tired. Tired of guys coming home every weekend. Tired of the routine questions. Tired of serving them tea. Tired of them checking her out as if she was some piece of furniture they dropped in to buy. She was tired of everything. She was looking for a way for all of it to end. If she could.

She was lost in her thoughts and that is when Leanne heard her mom across the hall. When she ever gonna find someone? I am tired of having her here. Why can't she settle for someone? What is she looking for anyway? He is educated, has a decent job, looks alright. What else does she want? At our time, we didn't even have the option to choose. We were packed off to the first guy our parents thought was good enough. Good enough! Leanne had heard that enough! She was tired of it. She was tired of the drama at home. What exactly is good enough? Why does she have to settle down for good enough when she could get the best? Was she good enough for someone? She had her doubts and anxieties and insecurities. A million of them. Add to it, the daily drama at home. She was tired of everything. She was looking for a way for all of it to end. If she could.

This weekend would be it. All the drama would end. She decided she had enough and wanted to put an end to everything for once and for all. Her folks would be happy, especially her mom, Leanne thought. But what about her happiness? Oh that can wait! She said to herself. She was lying. She knew it. But she had no other way. She had to do it. And now. For the greater good. For everyone else's joy and happiness. She decided to give up her own.

And finally she did what the others wanted her to do. They made her believe she did the right thing. At last! But in her heart, she knew what a mess she made. Yet, she smiled through the pain. She smiled for everyone else's sake. Though she didn't feel good inside.

She had finally settled for the seventh guy that her parents arranged for her. And today was the D day. As her father walked her down the aisle, Leanne tried to convince herself that it wasn't a mistake. It wasn't a mistake that she was getting married to a complete stranger. It wasn't a mistake to leave aside her dreams and desires and finally settle down. This was what her parents wanted, didn't they? Then how can it be a mistake? It definitely isn't! She knew she was lying.

And then the priest asked her, 'Do you, Leanne take Michael, to be your lawfully wedded husband?' She replied, 'Yes. I do.' Her heart was blackmailed to say a feeble Yes, but her mind was forever saying a stubborn No.

She was scared. And she hoped that it wasn't a mistake.

You can't just sit there and put everyone's life ahead of yours and think that counts as love. But Leanne just did.

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You have just one life. Don't settle down for something lesser just because it would make someone happy.


  1. Superb write up Jincy
    Check my entry too

    1. Thanks! :)

      I checked yours. I think all of us have done something like that, haven't we? :(

  2. Mine was a similar PKC experience even though more candid! Lovely, you put this through so honestly!

    I write here

    Do visit sometime

    Thank u

    1. Thanks Rinzu! :)

      Err, what exactly is PKC?

      And yeah! I'll drop by soon! :) All the best! :)

  3. The story of many a female lives ! narrated with much honesty . Nice work :)

  4. Haha poor Leonne.. what would you do if you were at Leonne's place?

  5. nice read...quite a common thing narrated very well...


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