Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Somebody Listen To What We Have To Say!!!

Blast from the past...A mail that I sent a longtime back..


There have been constant accusations drawn continuously at the PPC team especially the Tech Managers. We have been blamed for everything that goes wrong in here. From account cancellations to pending reports and what not. Before we point fingers at each other, would you please listen to what we have to say?

First of all, whenever the reports aren't sent on time, it could be because (unfortunately) we are humans too and could fall sick and so are at home (I do not appreciate absenteeism, but we could fall sick no? ) anyway! But it is simply ridiculous to see our names on the "Pending Reports" list when we have already sent it (but some people misunderstand due to a different Account name in the Inventory!! Mind you, Accounts have nick names too!! ). The least that you could do is ask the concerned Communication Manager if you have got the report (I know you don't trust us, so you won't ever think of asking us personally!! but I guess The Comms would never lie!!)

Secondly, do we need to still report for an account that is inactive or paused?? We really don't know!!! Please enlighten!!!

Thirdly, please keep all your ego's at home or preferably at the office's doorstep! Don't get it further in! Egos are trespassing into our workplace and into our relationships. Keep them out please!!!

Fourth, I do not know if you realise this - But We Are Humans Too!!! I know it's hard to digest that! But we aren't machines! Forgive our trespasses just as we forgive yours! We never forget that you are humans, how could you, huh??

Hey one suggestion in here - I know you all love the "CC" very much!! But you could do CC good & appreciation mails too na, what say?? Why do we get more complain mails CCed than the appreciation mail, huh??

If we ask you a simple question, let's say; if "A" asks "B" for an approval - she could say a "yes" or "no" and do the needful. No need for comments like "A, don't follow the crowd!" Just KISS (keep it simple and sweet!!) why talk something irrelevant, huh??

And one more thing, no one EVER reminds of our work!! Then why should we be sending you reminder mails, huh?? I believe you too have a daily inventory - look into it, just like we look into ours!!
Friend, we are the ones who actually do all your work, so you better be good to us! Remember - you are our face, but we are your body!!!

Lastly, smile please!!! It's not taxed yet! So make the most of it, buddy!!! And remember - WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!! We really do!! We don't have anything against you, you shouldn't either!!

The Wrecked Tech Managers.

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