Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Letter To My BFF :)

I wrote this to my friend some years back on her birthday. Putting it up here for nostalgia's sake! I hope she doesn't mind!

Hello Sweetheart!

It is 29th June today which makes you 24 years old! Sorry to remind you of your age! Hehehe. But looking at the days gone by and inspecting our lives, sometimes I wonder if we have bloomed into something beautiful and something that would make our parents and our Creator proud. I am not very sure about me; but about you, you Sabrina have turned out quite beautiful. I am quite sure that all the heavenly junta up there must be blowing kisses your way to see what an angel you have been! And I mean it! I am sure that you parents and family and friends feel the same about you too; though they may never show it! You're doing good Sabrina!!

Looking back at our lives together, starting from St. Xavier's we both belonged to the "I have big dreams, but I won't work an inch" group. Well, I must admit you were more brilliant and a hard worker than me though! Both of us wanted to be doctors and that too from Christian Medical College, Vellore! You remember those days, do you? You remember that "Irrevocable Oath" that you made us sign promising that we would work as hard as we can for our 12th boards? Hehe. The plan was great, sadly I guess we began too late! (The so called BOND was signed on 4th February hardly 15 days ahead of our boards! And yet we dreamt of being state toppers (at least I did!)) And that's the magic that friends weave in our lives! They trick you into believing that you can do the un-do-able! That's what you did to me! Made me believe that I could do whatever I ever dreamt of doing! (It’s a completely different thing that I never really succeeded, but this belief got me through those tough times!) Thank you Sabrina for letting me have faith in myself and tricking me into believing that I could do it - so what if it was just a fortnight before the boards! Do you remember how nervous we were before collecting our results? I stayed at your place the previous day and then, we went to college to see our dreaded results on 2nd June. We spent most of the time in the Chapel where we kept re-reading Psalm 127 over and over again! And then when we walked out of the Chapel, we see Mr. Albert walking towards us and wishing us congratulations! You remember that? I do! And for a minute, I thought we were state toppers!! So foolish of me na? If we were state toppers indeed, the Maharashtra State Board would have wished us instead of some bloody Albert!! Hehe

Well, well, well then our beautiful results were out and then you know the rest of the story! I won't traumatise you on your day! Hehe Both of us in spite of appearing for a million medical entrance exams dint manage to get one, I mean ONE seat!!! Hehe. Maybe we have similar grey cell structure too!!

Anyway, you went on to do Nursing and me?? Well as you know I went on to do my Engineering!! Imagine!! Me an ingi-neer?? Both of us hated that, dint we?? Both of us had signed an invisible bond which read "No trespassing into Engineering". And? I still don't believe I am an engineer! I dunno if you do! And I still haven't quite fallen in love with it! Phew!! Diana always said that "God gives you the things you hate so that you learn to love everything!" It maybe right! I dunno! Well talking about Diana; we were four buddies then, Maryann, Diana, you and me. Sadly I do not know the whereabouts of the other two! I really wish I did! Last I know is that Maryann's married, but her phone's unavailable after that! The wedding pics that were supposed to be sent haven't reached my inbox yet! And Diana?!?! God knows about that girl! She changed her number too many times to keep a track!! May call her home one day! Wherever she is I hope she's fine! I wonder if she is married too like Maryann!

Anyway, I am glad that at least the two of us are in touch! Thank God for that! Thanks to you too for keeping in touch despite the distance! And promise me you always will! Well I know you WILL!!! I dunno why I am writing you this long mail. Well, I will keep the thoughts flowing! I know you will take the time out of your busy schedule to reminisce with me!

Looking back at all the years gone by, I suddenly am feeling very old and gray! In a matter of of years or maybe even days, we will be married and having kids! But are we prepared for this huge responsibility? This is one question I ask myself daily. But there are no answers, 'coz only time and circumstance can answer this dilemma of mine! Hats off to our parents for managing their jobs and kids in a wonderful way! We will never ever EVER match up to them! In spite of having more facilities, more education, more knowledge, more of every damn thing than our parents, I am afraid we'll never beat them! And that makes me sad! 'Coz I wanna be a wonderful parent, but I don't see myself doing that! But I hope you do! And I know you WILL!!! You have been great so far and I know you will be for the rest of your days!

I guess it's time I shut my crap and let you get back to your business! I hope I dint take much of your time and even if I did, I guess it's okay! It is not everyday that you get 3-page-long mails from friends! Hehe

Have a wonderful day dear! May God bless you today and always!

Love you loads! Miss you like hell

You know who!

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