Wednesday, November 6, 2013

When Sarah Said 'I Don't!'

Sarah and Michael were best friends since a long time now. Sarah was Michael's life. She was his first love. His last. She was all he needed. She was all he ever wanted. She was his true love. She knew that. But - what is life without the ifs and the buts no?

She loved him. He loved her more. Even more. She knew that. But...

But he couldn't marry her. No, not right now. He had a lot of things to be taken care of. She knew that. But...

But how long could she wait? She was getting older. She had questions to answer. People to face. Mocks to be endured. But...

But she waited. For almost five years. But...

But now she was getting impatient. She was tired. And that is when...

That is when there came another proposal. Aaron. Aaron was a guy from her line of work. 32, tall, handsome, educated, Christian, well settled. To sum it up in two words - this guy - Aaron was a "perfect match". Her parents wanted her to say yes to Aaron. She too wanted to, because she was tired of waiting for her best friend Michael. She decides to say yes to this guy. Aaron. The perfect match. But...

But, she was gripped in a dilemma. A constant anxiety. She couldn't concentrate at work. She was always on the edge. She found her solace in the washroom of her office, where she hid and cried till the anxiety subdued. She kept looking at the photograph of this perfect guy Aaron. He was handsome, no doubt. She was going to meet Aaron and say yes. She had made up her mind. But...

But one day at work, she kept sobbing. Her colleagues didn't know why. She did. The anxiety was killing her. She didn't know what to do. On one hand was this perfect match Aaron, on the other was her best friend Michael who was chained to his responsibilities. Her mind said - pick the perfect match. Pick Aaron. But what did her heart say? Her heart said nothing. It only bled. She had to make up her mind. Soon.

Sarah spoke to Michael. She asked him what to do. Michael told her to marry Aaron and live a good life and to forget him and not to worry about him. His heart bled as he said this. The love of his life was going to be someone else's and he could do nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing.

One day in April, she came home in tears. Her mother was home. Her mother was equally anxious like her daughter. Her mother wanted to see her only daughter settled. Soon. She wanted Sarah to settle down with the perfect guy Aaron. But nobody knew what Sarah wanted. She decided that since time was running out of hand, the decision had to be made soonest. She made up her mind. She picked Aaron. Sarah was going to tell her mom about her decision. But...

But she didn't know what happened to her. She hugged her mom and told her, mom no matter what, and no matter how long  I will have to wait for Michael, I am doing to marry him. I don't want Aaron! What Michael has for me is true and everlasting love. He will never be able to live without me. And I don't want to live without him. So please call up Aaron's parents and tell them that this can't happen. I am sorry. Sarah sobbed inconsolably. But...

But now out of no where, there was a peace in her heart. All the storms that were raging in her heart calmed. She was happy. She had joy. She had peace. Finally. After all this time. After the hurricane, she had found her rainbow. She called up Michael and told her of her decision. He was happy. Indeed.

That day Sarah realized her true love for Michael. That day she finally made up her mind. That day was her platinum day of love. That day the verses, "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails." made perfect sense to her. Her love was pure. Her love was rarest of the rare. Just like platinum.

This is a true story. This is the story of my best friend. And the good news is - they will be getting engaged soon. The ifs and buts are still there, but love conquered them all. Love won over everything else. All because Michael's love for Sarah was true. Since the beginning. And now they will enter a new chapter. Very soon. Sarah is very excited. The calm person that Michael is, he doesn't show it. But Sarah knows that he can't wait too. As for Aaron, Sarah hopes he finds his everlasting love like she did. And soon!

As for me, I wish all the three of them all the very best! God bless! :)

When people asked Sarah how she could be so sure about Michael when there was no reason why Aaron wasn't a perfect match, she said that the peace and joy that she felt in heart that day in April made her realize that the was doing the right thing. That sometimes a seemingly perfect match may not be always perfect. That true love wins. That true love is eternal. That true love is pure. That true love is rare, Just like platinum!

This post is also a part of Indiblogger's Platinum day of Love


  1. Wow! Lovely story.All the best for the contest !!


  2. Platinum is NOT eternal!

    If Sarah and Michael are who I think they are, I am confused... who is Aaron?

  3. All the best for the contest! :) :)

  4. Its really a well written piece. Great work. all the best
    please read my post too

  5. Ohh... that's really sweet! And I really like the last lines from the Bible.. Best of Luck for the Contest Jincy! :)


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