Sunday, April 14, 2013

She Was 17

She was only 17 when she left her home and her parents to look out herself and her family. She was in an unknown place. An unknown land. Unknown people. Unknown tongue. All that she she knew was herself. She was here with a purpose. She was here to earn. She was here to provide for her family back in her hometown. And she was only 17.

It was a Monday, when she set out for work. It was a long, usual day. Nothing unusual. Until, it was time to get back home. She was still new to the place and wasn't very comfortable with the place and the surroundings. And as fate would have it, she lost her way. She didn't know where she was going. And she didn't know whom to ask. Not knowing the language made it even more harder for her. And she was only 17.

And that is when out of nowhere, he came. He saw her and could make out that she was lost. He asked her where she wanted to go. She managed to mouth broken sentences in the strange language and told him where she wanted to go. He helped her find her way and made her feel safe. He could have chosen to ignore her. To be a mute spectator. To leave her at someone else's mercy. To leave her to her destiny. Even worse, he could have hurt her and taken advantage of her weakness. She was only 17. Instead, he made her feel comfortable. Understood her plight, helped her and took her home. He didn't have to. But he did.

This happened some 30years back. Had it not been for that unknown stranger, no one knows where she would have been today. She doesn't know her savior's name. He doesn't know her's. But he saved someone that day. She was young, afraid, alone, vulnerable and scared in a strange land amidst strange people. She knew no one. No one knew her. But that someone from somewhere came and saved her out of nowhere. And she was 17. Then.

Today she turns 46. She still thinks about that kind stranger who saved her life. She thanks him and breathes a silent prayer upwards. She is my aunt.

When I called her up today to wish her, I asked her if she remembers that fateful day when she was lost. She paused and said, yes, I do. How can I forget that day? And if it wasn't for that man, I dunno where I'd be. I may never have ever gotten to see this day. Or live to see you. Tears welled up in my eyes as my soul silently blessed that man. He saved my favorite aunt.

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This post is also a dedication to that nameless stranger who saved my dearest aunt. Thanks soldier! 


  1. hats off to that stranger. Well written.


  2. That was really wonderful of the stranger to have been so helpful to your aunt and also nice that your aunt still values the act.

  3. how does it make a difference that she was just 17? :/


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