Saturday, September 8, 2012

Paradise Lost

I met her on my first day at school.
She was lean and lovely with dark beautiful eyes.
‘Hi, What’s your name?’, I asked her,
‘Neha’ said she and asked me mine
‘Maria’, said I and passed her a smile.

That ‘Hi’ turned into something neat,

We became buddies oh so deep!
Then on a journey we took,
That went on till that fateful brook.

We ate, we danced, we clapped together,
It was as if we were clipped forever.
She read my heart, I read her eyes,
Together we took on this journey called life.

We thought we’d be friends till the end,

But fate played on its fiddle.
And we felt lost right in the middle,
We lost ourselves for something trivial!

What it was I don’t clearly remember,

But I know it was something small.
We gave up, too soon to say,
May be we really didn't care enough to stay.

Now we no longer eat, nor dance nor clap together,
It doesn’t feel like we were clipped forever.
She walks past me with piercing eyes,
I wonder what turned her into ice, cold ice!

And then I remember our good old days,
When all was fun and gay.
‘Where have the times gone?’ I say,
I wish she came back to play.

I see her play with the other girls,

And then something inside of me burns.
I wonder if she remembers me like I do?
I wonder if she misses me like I do?

My eyes moisten as I look back,

To the day we played with our haversack.
I wish the she’d turn around to see my cry,
And then pat my tears dry.

Never did I realize what she means to me,

Until that fateful day on the brook.
Where we fought till our faith shook,
It was that day she made me look like a rook.

She called me names,

And played games, nasty games.
I overlooked it all,
Forgiving her for her fall.

But she hurt me too much,

I knew I had to stop.
I told myself this has to stop,
Else it would cost me a lot!

She left me on that day,

And then never came back till date.
I miss her if I could say,
I’d be friends if she could care.

She won’t I know,

Coz she’s gone too far to come back home.
Had I said sorry that fateful day,
I’d still have Neha my best friend to stay.

(This poem is about how I once had a fight with my best friend and how I lost that friendship forever. Had I kept aside my ego, we would have been the best of friends even now. Who knows?  
I am sure all of us have 'Nehas' in our lives. All I wanna say is that don't give up on people and relationships that matter. It's sad to see people work harder on their two minute noodles than stuff that really matter. Don't let that be you! Let go of the ego. Don't let go of the friend! )


  1. There's no place for an ego in a relationship that puts the other person before yourself, is there?


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