Saturday, November 20, 2010


One more birthday just whizzed by! This time was different. Unlike the other ones, I bought myself a gift! No, not the boring kapdas! But I got myself a handsome pair of twins! Now before your thoughts race past the roofs, lemme tell you what I actually got myself!

Always wanted pets from a long, long time! Tired of waiting for someone to gift me; I bought myself one. No, not a cat or a birdy or a puppy; but a guppy! Yep, guppy fish! Bought two of them. And thou shalt be called Bappi and Gappi. They are two tiny fishes of the underwater fauna, nesting in a polythene bag that I got them in. I din't really plan to buy them when I set off on my journey. Loitering around the busy bazaars, I walked in a tiny aquarium bargaining and clobbering about fishes and fins and walked out with a bowl, two tiny-tots, some liquid and fish food. All for less than 200 bucks! Cheap no? What else do you expect from a eternally miserly idiot like me!?!? And then began my gestation period!

Carrying them in my shaky hands was as if I was having them in my bachha pouch! Phew! I was so damn nervous as I tugged them along the busy streets. My senses were extra alert and sensitive. Every screeching bike or a honking rick seemed a nightmare and I was worried about the trauma it would cause my babies! I guess this is what motherhood does to you! Hmmm, I did start feeling like a brooding hen; only I had fins instead of wings under me! Boarding the bus seemed another herculean for the mother of two in tow! Against all odds, I finally reached home safe home and let my babies have their first glimpse of their new world! I wonder if they were they were scared or excited. I din't hear them cry; but they were thriving with life for sure!

And now as I pen this, they are circling their small round world, round and round. A lil scared as they are as I knock their glass, I know they will learn to love mama with time. I really hope they do!

At 24, I don't really know to look after myself; I dunno how do I bring up my babies! But it's worth a try, no? At least I won't have diapers to change nor potty train!

P.S. Flashback of the journey, I now realise I walked out with a dreaming wish, but that wish remained just that - a dream. Maybe better luck next time!

Till then, lemme fish!

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