Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yellow Flower

I looked into my garden one day,
And was delighted to see,
A bright yellow flower looking straight at me.
A smile lit up my face.
"What are flowers for?", I wondered,
Who just bloom for a day and then fade away.
That's when I heard a voice that spake,
"Don't they make you happy?"
"Yes", said me and then I asked Him again,
"Why do they then wither away?"
Then with a smile God said,
"They've got to make me happy too,
And so I call them back to me."
"I see", said me and then went to sleep.
And after hours woke up to see,
The world less beautiful.
And that's when I realised,
One beautiful flower had withered away.
From this garden called the "World",
And had left for a bigger and beautifuler garden called "Heaven".
A tear trickled down my face,
But then a smile lit up my visage,
When I realised...
He had left with a purpose,
...Now to bring a smile on God's face.

(I wrote this poem in memory of a friend who passed away in a cruel accident)


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